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Algorand is defining the standard for blockchain technology. Our pure proof-of-stake protocol is the first of its kind to support the scale, open participation, and transaction finality for billions of users. All backed by a sustainable business and a renowned team of experts.
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Steve Kokinos
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Algorand Wins Sharia Compliance Certificate to Enter $70 Billion Market
Algorand has been certified as sharia-compliant, the company said Monday.
Blockchain Firm Algorand Announces Sharia Certification for Islamic Finance
The Algorand Foundation announced that its blockchain platform is now certified for Sharia-compliant financing.
Binance.US users can now trade Algorand and Zcash
US, Binance's crypto trading created exclusively for customers in the U.S., announced that it had listed two new cryptocurrencies-Algorand and Zcash.
Algo Capital Ex-CTO Takes 'Full Responsibility' for Hot Wallet Breach
The now-former chief technical officer of Algo Capital, the investment arm of blockchain firm Algorand, has published a statement in the wake of a major security breach of an Algo hot wallet under his personal management.
Algorand's Venture Arm Loses up to $2M in Hot Wallet Breach: Report
Algo Capital, an investment arm of United States-based blockchain firm Algorand, has lost roughly $1-2 million in Tether stablecoins and Algorand tokens after its CTO Pablo Yabo's mobile phone was compromised.
Algo Capital Loses Crypto Funds After CTO's Phone Is Hacked
Algo Capital, an investment firm focused on the Algorand blockchain, lost a few million dollars in USDT and ALGO tokens after its chief technology officer's phone was breached, CoinDesk has learned.
Algorand Integrates Tech to Bring Users Detailed Analysis of Largest Blockchains
Algorand is gaining the ability to analyze the largest blockchains by adding the PARSIQ monitoring system to its platform, company executives told CoinDesk.
Crypto Custodian Bitgo Launches Staking for Dash, Algorand
Crypto custodian BitGo has added staking to its services, beginning with cryptocurrencies dash and algorand, the company said.
AssetBlock Launches Tokenized Property Trading on Algorand Blockchain
Real estate startup AssetBlock has launched a new platform for trading commercial properties that have been linked to tokens on the Algorand blockchain.
AssetBlock Tokenizes $60M of Real Estate on Algorand's Blockchain
Blockchain real estate investment firm AssetBlock launches its commercial real estate investment platform on Algorand's blockchain.