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Prijs geschiedenis
25,588,162 USD
24 uur Volume
3,500,086 USD
Circulerende voorraad
65,925,800 BEAM
Max. Levering
262,800,000 BEAM
Beam Overzicht
BEAM is a decentralized currency with strong privacy, fungibility and scalability. BEAM transactions are private by default, and storing the entire transaction history is not necessary for blockchain validation. This ultimately reduces the blockchain size and improves scalability. BEAM will support many transaction types such as escrow transactions, time-locked transactions and atomic swaps. Our roadmap includes dozens of features and is constantly evolving. We are striving to make BEAM an ultimate Store-of-Value coin.
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8 months
N / a
Block Processing
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Open source
Alexander Zaidelson
Alex Romanov
18 lid, 8 ontwikkelaars
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What's Really Private in Crypto? Research on Grin Raises Questions
Grin, launched in January 2019, is one such privacy initiative facing tough questions as the excitement around its Mimblewimble adaptation has not lived up to recent empirical scrutiny.
Privacy Coin Beam Conducts First Hard Fork Away From ASICs
At 19:00 UTC today privacy coin beam completed its first scheduled hard fork at block 321,321.
Owner of Indeed and Glassdoor Job Search Engines Invests In Privacy Coin Project Beam
Japanese employment information services company Recruit Co., Ltd. has invested in a blockchain-focused company Beam Development Limited, according to an announcement published on Feb. 18.Per today's press release, Recruit has invested in Israeli blockchain startup Beam Development Limited.
Privacy Crypto Beam Gets Funding from 'Japanese LinkedIn' Recruit
Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency startup Beam has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from "Japan's equivalent to LinkedIn" Recruit Co., Ltd. Recruit announced.
Altcoin Beam Announces Plans to Incorporate Mimblewimble Lightning Network
Privacy coin Beam has announced that it plans to introduce a Mimblewimble-compatible lightning network, according to an paper published by Beam on Feb. 12.
Litecoin Foundation and Beam Partner to Explore New Protocol, LTC Price Soars 30%
The Litecoin Foundation has partnered with software development firm Beam to explore the implementation of a new protocol that would improve privacy and scalability.
Privacy Cryptocurrency Beam Experiences Blockchain Stoppage
Update: Beam has now announced: "The fix was commited on Github. We will be performing additional testing. We will release the binaries in the coming hours. Thanks for your patience."
'Critical' Vulnerability in Beam Wallet Could Have Put Funds At Risk, Devs Say After Fix
Developers behind the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Beam have revealed that the "Critical" bug discovered and subsequently fixed in their wallet software last week could have put user funds directly at risk.
First Grin Block Mined as Mimblewimble Privacy Crypto Goes Live
Grin, a cryptocurrency that leverages the mimblewimble privacy technology, has just gone live on mainnet.
Beam Announces 'Critical' Vulnerability in Mimblewimble Crypto's Wallet
The team behind Beam, a newly released privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, announced Wednesday that a "Critical vulnerability" has been discovered in its wallet software.