Bitcoin SV

BSV Uitwisselen
Prijs geschiedenis
930,057,569 USD
24 uur Volume
105,854,398 USD
Circulerende voorraad
17,743,536 BSV
Max. Levering
21,000,000 BSV
Bitcoin SV Overzicht
N / A
Bewijs van werk
Status van Project
Volledig werkend product
5 months
N / a
Block Processing
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Proportioneel naar netwerkactiviteit
Open source
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Bitcoin SV's Delisting Isn't 'Censorship.' But It's Still a Problem
Is cryptocurrency exchange Binance's delisting of bitcoin SV a form of censorship?
Craig Wright Continues to Chase His Critics as Major Crypto Platforms Boycott His Cryptocurrency, BSV
One of the world's largest cryptocurrencies, decided to delist BSV amid Wright's campaign to deanonymize one of his critics, other major platforms - including ShapeShift and Kraken - followed suit.
Bitcoin SV Experiences Blockchain Reorganizations, Possibly Due to Unwieldy Block Size
The Bitcoin Satoshi Vision blockchain is struggling with its large block size following a series of block re-organizations, cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX tweeted on April 19.
SBI Holdings: Bitcoin Cash Removal Amid Bitcoin SV Delistings Was Coincidence
Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings says the removal of bitcoin cash from its exchange this week was not a result of the other deslistings involving bitcoin SV, Cointelegraph Japan reported April 19.
Following Community Poll, Kraken Delists Bitcoin SV
Major United States cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has decided to delist bitcoin offshoot bitcoin SV, the firm announced on April 16.In an official press release, Kraken said that BSV had "Engaged in behavior completely antithetical to everything we at Kraken and the wider crypto community stands for." As such, the exchange has decided to delist the currency, which was the result of a hard fork in the bitcoin cash network last November.
Kraken Exchange Joins Binance, ShapeShift in Delisting Bitcoin SV
Another major crypto exchange is delisting bitcoin SV amid an ongoing feud between that cryptocurrency's creator Craig Wright and outspoken members of the bitcoin community.
SBI Delists BCH and Keeps BSV Amid Major Crypto Exchanges Delisting BSV
Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings will delist bitcoin cash from its virtual currency exchange in June 2019, Cointelegraph Japan reports on April 16.
Binance to Delist Bitcoin SV as It 'No Longer Meets' the Exchange's Standards
Major cryptocurrency exchange Binace has officially announced that it will delist Bitcoin SV starting next week.
ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Following Suit
After crypto exchange Binance's decision to delist Bitcoin SV, anonymous exchange ShapeShift has also decided to drop the cryptocurrency, with Kraken considering to follow suit.
Binance delists Bitcoin SV following Craig Wright's legal threats
Binance released an official statement informing users of the imminent removal of Bitcoin SV from the exchange's list of traded cryptocurrencies.