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CasperLabs Shows First 'Provably Safe' Ethereum PoS Protocol 'Highway'
Ethereum development firm CasperLabs announced "Highway," allegedly the first correct-by-construction Casper Proof of Stake implementation that is provably live and safe.
CasperLabs raises $14.5 million to build a better Ethereum
CasperLabs, a startup attempting to crack the blockchain scalability problem, raised $14.5 million in a series A round to build a faster, safer, and more efficient proof-of-stake blockchain-a lot like Ethereum.
Blockchain Company CasperLabs Appoints Ethereum Researcher Vlad Zamfir as Lead Architect
Blockchain protocol research and development company CasperLabs has appointed Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir as lead consensus protocol architect, a Medium post by the company reveals on Feb. 22.
CasperLabs Is Building a PoS Blockchain With Help from Ethereum's Vlad Zamfir
A new startup called CasperLabs has launched with the aim of building a new blockchain based on a version of proof-of-stake, the experimental consensus protocol most associated with ethereum.
Analyzing Vitalik Buterin's Statement About Cryptos that are "Centralized Piles of Trash"
Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, spoke at the Blockchain Connect Conference in January about Casper CBC and Ethereum 2.0, but also criticized blockchains that boast their speed, calling them "Centralized piles of trash."
Ethereum 2.0 Pre-Release Kicks Off 'Relatively Feature Complete'
Ethereum has launched its first pre-release for phase zero of the network's evolving transition to Ethereum 2.0, according to new post published to Ethereum's github on Jan. 31.The post notes that "This marks the first release in a series of weekly releases through February 2019. Phase 0 in v0.1 is relatively feature complete and approaching stable."
Ethereum Startup Parity Launches DIY Blockchain Tool Substrate
Parity Technologies has launched Substrate, a tool that lets users create customized blockchains for decentralized applications.
Vitalik Ends Devcon Talk With Sing-a-Long About Failed Ethereum Ideas
Singing on stage alongside songwriter Jonathan Mann, ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin ended his keynote at Devcon4 in Prague on Wednesday, with a song that listed "The graveyard of ideas" from the past five years of ethereum research.
Ethereum to See Casper and Plasma With or Without Vitalik
Vitalik Buterin, co-founder and ubiquitous mouthpiece of Ethereum, hinted the start of his detachment from the operational side of his creation and dropped a series of bombshell announcements about the progress of the smart contract platform's much-anticipated scalability enhancements, including Casper and Plasma.
Ethereum Startup Parity Adds Casper Code to Custom Blockchain Toolbox
Parity Technologies has added an early version of ethereum's hotly anticipated Casper code change to its blockchain development platform, Substate.