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NEO is het gebruik van blockchaintechnologie en digitale identiteit om assets te digitaliseren, het gebruik van slimme contracten voor digitale assets om zichzelf te beheren, om 'smart economy' te realiseren met een gedistribueerd netwerk.
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19 months
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Open source
Da Hongfei
52 lid, 5 ontwikkelaars
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A New York Power Plant Is Mining $50K Worth of Bitcoin a Day
An upstate New York power plant has been using some of its own electricity to mine bitcoin on an industrial scale.
Russia Leads Multinational Stablecoin Initiative
With the EAEU's Trade and Economic Cooperation with China coming into effect this year, Russia, with full support of the EAEU countries and BRICS Business Council, is seeking to establish a multinational stablecoin backed by commodities; along with BRICS pay, a cloud platform that will connect the countries' national payment systems through a mobile payment app.
Oil and Gas Consortium Is 1st to Apply DLT to Industry Balloting
A group of 10 major global oil and gas firms including heavy-hitters like Chevron and Shell has successfully digitized industry balloting using blockchain.
Ethereum's Top DEX Is Relaunching to Tap Istanbul's Lower Gas Fees
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Ethereum's Istanbul Upgrade Will Break 680 Smart Contracts on Aragon
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Energy Commodities Trading Software Launches on Hyperledger Fabric
A new software based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain was launched for commodities trading for the gas industry.
Report: Ethereum's Gas-Guzzling Suspected Ponzi FairWin Funds at Risk
The biggest Ethereum contract in the industry, dubbed FairWin, is allegedly putting user funds at risk and continues to guzzle a major amount of gas on the network.
Why Ethereum Briefly Overtook Bitcoin in Daily Transaction Fees
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MakerDAO service DeFi Saver CDP liquidation protection slips as ETH price crashes
DeFi Saver, a platform that provides its users with advanced control over Ethereum collateralized debt positions, suffered a delay in their automation system forcing a few monitored CDPs into liquidation.