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JPMorgan Spinoff Kadena Launches Public Blockchain, Integrates Wallet to Cosmos Network
Stuart Popejoy speaks at Construct 2017.Crypto startup Kadena's public blockchain launched Wednesday, adding interoperable smart contract support between the public chain and its private chain counterparts.
JPMorgan's DLT Spin-off Completes Industry's First Hybrid Blockchain
JPMorgan's blockchain spin-off Kadena has fully launched its public blockchain, completing what it calls the "Industry's first hybrid blockchain platform."
Kadena Blockchain Taps Healthcare Data Firm to Track Medical Cannabis Product
The first application on Kadena's public blockchain is a tracking platform for CBD oil.
Web3 Studying How to Integrate Kadena's Smart Contract Language on Polkadot
The Web3 Foundation is studying how to adopt blockchain startup Kadena's Pact smart contract programming language for the Polkadot ecosystem.
Kadena Mainnet Goes Live, New $20 Token Sale Starts Tomorrow
The Kadena network, which is led by JPMorgan blockchain veterans, has gone live on Monday, with the firm announcing a new $20 million token sale.
Kadena Goes Live, Announces New Token Sale Aiming for $20 Million
In 2018, the Kadena team raised a total of $15 million to launch their public blockchain from notable investors such as Multicoin Capital, Coinfund and Devonshire, the private investment arm of the owners of Fidelity Investments.
Crypto Firms Join Azure as Microsoft Fights Amazon for Market Share
Microsoft in particular has been actively engaging with blockchain startups that are developing blockchain solutions for the enterprise market, working with them to deploy their solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.
Startup Led by JPMorgan Veterans Brings Free BaaS Platform to Azure
Hybrid blockchain solutions startup Kadena has updated its enterprise blockchain platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Kadena Releases Updated Smart Contract Language for 'Hybrid Blockchains'
"Pact 3.0 generally makes available the features that makes hybrid blockchains a reality. We now have the smart contract language for hybrid blockchains."
Kadena Blockchain to Launch This October With $3 Billion Asset Manager Onboard
Brooklyn-based startup Kadena will launch a public blockchain this October, the company announced Monday at CoinDesk's Consensus 2019 conference in New York.