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570,809,479 USD
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203,753,601 USD
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65,000,000 NEO
Max. Levering
100,000,000 NEO
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Antshares is een gedecentraliseerd en gedistribueerd netwerkprotocol dat is gebaseerd op blockchain-technologie. Mensen kunnen het gebruiken om activa of aandelen te digitaliseren, en om wat financiƫle zaken te doen via peer-to-peer-netwerken zoals registratie en uitgifte, transacties uitvoeren, afrekening en betaling.
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Volledig werkend product
29 months
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Open source
Da Hongfei
16 lid, 5 ontwikkelaars
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NEO announced it has established a foothold in the US market with a new office in Seattle, Washington.
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Chinese blockchain platform NEO will open an office in United States city of Seattle, according to an official announcement shared with Cointelegraph on Feb. 15.
NEO Ramps Up U.S. Operations with 2019 DevCon Held in Seattle
In a possible effort to reposition itself as a contender in the Western market, NEO is hosting its 2019 DevCon in Seattle, Washington, this February 16th through 17th. The conference is consistent with NEO's goal to become the "Most developer-friendly public blockchain project and decentralized application platform."
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After an extended downtrend, the ADA/USD pair has been trading inside the range $0.062424-$0.027237 for the past nine weeks.
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Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by market cap, will utilize the sophisticated Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance for its upcoming Binance Chain product, as seen on a Youtube video released on December 4, 2018.Building a Robust Product.