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OmiseGO is een openbare op Ethereum gebaseerde financiƫle technologie voor gebruik in reguliere digitale portefeuilles, die real-time, peer-to-peer waardewisseling en betalingsdiensten agnostisch mogelijk maakt tussen jurisdicties en organisatorische silo's, en over zowel fiat-geld als gedecentraliseerde valuta's. Ontworpen om financiƫle inclusie mogelijk te maken en bestaande instellingen te verstoren. Toegang zal voor iedereen beschikbaar zijn via het OmiseGO-netwerk en het digitale portefeuille-kader, te beginnen in K4 2017.
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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange to Add Support for OmiseGo and PAX Gold
San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is listing OmiseGO and PAX Gold tokens.
OmiseGo Joins Crypto Coalition Universal Protocol Alliance
OmiseGo, a finance-oriented scaling network for Ethereum, has become a member of Universal Protocol Alliance, a coalition of blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused firms.
Up, down, or sideways? Ethereum Classic, Ontology, OmiseGo, Augur, 0x technical analysis
At the moment, ethereum classic is trading above the 7 MA which is a bullish sign, but if the bearish formation is validated this cryptocurrency could go down to test the 30 or 50 MA. It will be wiser to wait for a move above the previous high before entering a bullish trade.
OmiseGo Denies Acquisition by Thailand's Biggest Private Company
Hasegawa Jun, the founder of Omise - the company behind OmiseGo - denied the recent acquisition rumors in correspondence to Cointelegraph Japan on March 30.
Vitalik Buterin Discloses His Cryptocurrency Holdings, Corporate Investments, and Other Potential Conflicts of Interest
Vitalik Buterin, the founder and figurehead behind Ethereum, recently disclosed his cryptocurrency holdings, corporate investments, and other compensation in an act of transparency, likely to disclose any potential conflicts of interest he might have.
OmiseGo Partners With Singapore Ride Hailing App to Trial Blockchain Solutions
Ethereum-based payment platform OmiseGo and blockchain protocol Mass Vehicle Ledger have partnered to research blockchain technology, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 14.
Google Now Provides a Big Data View of the Ethereum Blockchain
Internet search giant Google has added ethereum to its big data analytics platform BigQuery.
OmiseGO Announces Release of OMG Network Repo and Tesuji Plasma Progress
Announced via a Medium post, the GitHub repository published by the OmiseGO team provides an insight into OmiseGO's Tesuji milestone.