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2,438,155 USD
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Global blockchain solution for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare.
Ethereum Consensus
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5 months
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Open source
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Vadym Vorobiov
13 lid, 2 ontwikkelaars
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Australia's Central Bank: Cryptos Will Not Receive Wide Acceptance in the Near Future
Cryptocurrencies will not receive wide use in Australia as long as the local financial system is efficiently working, the Reserve Bank of Australia stated in an official document issued on June 20.
Global Pharma Giant Develops DLT-Based Care Network for Diabetes Patients
Leading pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim has teamed up with blockchain-based healthcare platform Solve.
Major US Health IT Provider HMS Partners With Blockchain Startup Solve.Care
Major health information technology provider for the United States government, HMS Technologies Inc. has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse on JPM Coin: Other Banks Won't Use It
Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of San Francisco blockchain startup Ripple, gave JP Morgan Chase qualified praise Wednesday for creating its own stablecoin, before dismissing the product's likelihood of adoption by other banks and questioning its usefulness.
Ridesharing App Lyft Partners With Blockchain Startup to Tokenize Healthcare Transport
Ridesharing app Lyft has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.
Bloomberg: Crypto Companies Still Run Into Trouble Opening Bank Accounts
Companies in the cryptocurrency industry still have trouble opening bank accounts, major financial publication Bloomberg reported on March 3.
Binance Introduces Blockchain Tracking Portal for Crypto Donations
Binance has announced the launch of a new generation blockchain-based tracking platform for cryptocurrency donations.
World Economic Forum Outlines Over 65 Blockchain Use Cases for Environmental Protection
The World Economic Forum foundation has outlined more than 65 blockchain use cases for solving the "Most pressing" environmental challenges, in a report published September 14.
Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman Expresses Skepticism About Crypto, Predicts Collapse
Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has expressed his skepticism about the value of cryptocurrencies in a New York Times Opinion piece published July 31.
Bitcoin Twitter Suspended, Hijacked and Restored as Twitter Balances Free Speech in the Age of Crypto Disinformation
The account was apparently a casualty of the ongoing drama between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, two rivals who suffer from an identity crisis over who is the "Real" Bitcoin.