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Prijs geschiedenis
68,123,108 USD
24 uur Volume
15,520,681 USD
Circulerende voorraad
3,470,483,788 SNT
Max. Levering
6,804,870,174 SNT
Status Overzicht
Status is een mini-OS voor interface met het opkomende ecosysteem Ethereum ÐApp. Op basis van Ethereum-servicelagen en protocollen is Status een open source-project dat een messenger combineert met een gedecentraliseerde toepassingsbrowser die de kloof tussen ontwikkelaars van ÐApp en de massamarkt zal overbruggen.
Ethereum Consensus
Status van Project
Prototype / Mvp
20 months
N / a
Block Processing
Emissie snelheid
Deflatie door token branden
Open source
Jarrad Hope
Roman Volosovskyi
12 lid, 0 ontwikkelaars
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Luxembourg's New Bill Affords Blockchain Transactions the Same Protections as Traditional Ones
Luxembourg lawmakers passed a new blockchain bill into law, giving transactions completed via distributed ledger the same legal status as those done via traditional means.
Status Launches a 'Tap-to-Pay' Crypto Hardware Wallet
Status, the ethereum messaging app and mobile browser startup, has relaunched their cryptocurrency hardware wallet under a new name: the Keycard.
Bank of Spain Warns Citizens Against Crypto Given Lack of Local Regulations
Spain's central bank has issued a reminder to citizens warning of the risks involved in transacting unregulated cryptocurrencies.
Ethereum-Based Chat Platform Lays Off 25% of Staff Due to Crypto Market Decline
Ethereum-based chat platform Status is laying off 25 percent of its staff due to the recent cryptocurrency market decline, according to a post published Dec. 11.
Bitcoin Miner Canaan's IPO Looms as Filing Status Now 'Lapsed'
Canaan Creative's application for an initial public offering now looms as the Chinese bitcoin mining maker's filing status at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has become inactive.
Status Pushes Out Renegade dApps with New Browser Standard
On the heels of the industry's latest push to protect users, one of the top Ethereum mobile clients, Status, is implementing a new interoperability standard to "Drastically improve user privacy."
Status Releases Sharding Client: One Step Closer Toward 1 Million TX/S on Ethereum
Im, released a lightweight Sharding client, called Nimbus, to scale the Ethereum protocol and create a better ecosystem for decentralized applications in processing information.
Blockchain in Telecoms Will Become $1 Billion Industry by 2023: Report
Blockchain will contribute almost $1 billion to the telecoms sector alone within the next five years, MarketWatch reports Wednesday, July 11.
Here's What You Pay in Taxes for Using Crypto: From the US to Switzerland
On June 25, Japan's Minister of Finance, senator Fujimaki suggested that the current tax rate for crypto transactions in the country, which goes up to a maximum of 55 percent, could be swapped with a 20 percent flat tax similar to stocks or forex trades.
Head of Russia's Top Bank: the State Will Keep 'Centralized Role' in Money Emission
The CEO of Russia's largest state bank Sberbank, Herman Gref said he could not yet foresee governments "Yielding their centralized role" in fiat currency creation as part of his comments on cryptocurrency.