WAVES Uitwisselen
Prijs geschiedenis
128,866,670 USD
24 uur Volume
19,017,876 USD
Circulerende voorraad
100,000,000 WAVES
Max. Levering
100,000,000 WAVES
Waves Overzicht
We stellen voor om ons te concentreren op andere toepassingen van blockchain-tokens - die vaak over het hoofd worden gezien ten gunste van de kansen op een laag niveau die blockchain-technologie kan bieden, zoals slimme contracten. Er is een zeer sterk onbenut potentieel in een klassiek gekleurde muntenbenadering en het WAVES-platform is ontworpen om dit volledig te realiseren.
Bewijs van Stake
Status van Project
Beta versie
39 months
Leased Pos
Block Processing
Emissie snelheid
Open source
Sasha Ivanov
Waves Nieuws
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Kraken Crypto Exchange to Add Support for BAT and WAVES
American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will add support for Basic Attention Token and Waves.
Waves to Use Vostok as Utility Tokens for New Enterprise Blockchain Solution
Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov has announced a new department for enterprise projects that will be fueled by Vostok tokens.
Waves Founder Sells Blockchain Startup to Russian Financial Consultant
A startup founded by the Waves platform team, Vostok, has been sold to one of the project's earliest investors.
Waves CEO Sells His Stake in Blockchain Spin-Off Vostok
Founder of token issuance platform Waves has fully sold his stake in the firm's blockchain spin-off Vostok to focus on the Waves Platform.
Blockchain Startup Waves Updates Blockchain to Allow for DApps
Blockchain startup Waves has introduced an upgrade to its blockchain that enables decentralized applications on the platform.
Crypto Investment Platform Secures Seed Funding from Peter Thiel, Digital Currency Group
Venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has invested in cryptocurrency investment platform Layer1, according to a press release published Dec. 19.San Francisco-based Layer1 has concluded a $2.1 million seed funding round backed by such industry players as Thiel, crypto-focused venture capital company Digital Currency Group, and American investor and Protégé Partners founder Jeffrey Tarrant, among others.
Following $120 Million Funding Round, Waves Token Price Jumps Over 30%
Global blockchain platform Waves has raised $120 million in a private funding round for its new project called Vostok, according to an official blog post published Dec. 19.The Vostok project is a "Universal blockchain solution" that combines two basic components  - its own private blockchain platform, and the Vostok system integrator, a tool for developing and optimizing the platform.
Book a Workspace in London with Ethereum or Waves
Primalbase, a Dutch private start-up is launching a next-generation working space ecosystem in London.
Manufacturing Giant Rostec to Manage Data on Waves Blockchain Platform
Rostec, the Russian state-owned manufacturing conglomerate, is entering the blockchain fray.
Decentralized Exchange Waves Gets Hacked After $6 Million Debut
Launched July 24, 2018, Waves Decentralized Exchange allows users to exchange and issue their own tokens almost instantly.