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253,274,917 USD
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6,386,431 ZEC
Zcash Overzicht
Een gedecentraliseerde en open-source cryptocurrency die sterke privacybescherming biedt. Afgeschermde transacties verbergen de afzender, ontvanger en waarde op de blockchain. Als Bitcoin als http voor geld is, is Zcash https - een veilige transportlaag.
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Volledig werkend product
30 months
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Open source
Zooko Wilcox
Nathan Wilcox
28 lid, 13 ontwikkelaars
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Ripple's Xpring and Firm Behind Zcash Among Investors in Privacy-Focused Crypto Startup
Ripple's fundraising arm Xpring announced in a blog post on April 17 that it has joined several companies to invest in Bolt Labs, a startup aiming to deliver "Instant, cheap and private payments" by adding a layer of anonymity to existing networks.
Crypto Exchange Emphasizes Privacy by Offering Coin Conversions Without an Account
A cryptocurrency exchange says it is prioritizing the privacy of its users - eliminating the "Tedious" registration steps imposed by other websites.
Zooko Wilcox Envisions 'Ambitious' Changes for Zcash Cryptocurrency
That's Zooko Wilcox, CEO of Electric Coin Company - the firm behind the privacy-focused cryptocurrency zcash.
Zcash Exercises Restraint as the Antminer Z11 Release Approaches
Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of mining equipment, recently revealed the Antminer Z11 device for mining Zcash and other cryptocurrencies based on the Equihash algorithm, as reported by Cointelegraph on March 19.
New Bitmain Z11 Antminer Comes With Pledge to Preserve Values of Zcash
Cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain has released a new version of its Antminer Z series machines for Equihash algorithm coins, the company confirmed in a blog post on March 19.
Bitmain Launches New Zcash Miner Touting 3 Times More Hashing Power
Cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain has launched a new miner for the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency zcash, which it claims, has three times more hashing power than its predecessor.
Zcash Solves GDPR Compliance with Shielded Addresses and P4 Protocol
Primer on GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation is the European Union's regulation protecting personal data and privacy; its goal is to return personal data to individuals within the European Economic Area.
Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug
The company behind the privacy-minded cryptocurrency zcash has revealed that it fixed a catastrophic code bug last year that could have been used to print infinite coins.
Zcash Vulnerability Permitting Infinite ZEC Counterfeiting Fixed and Disclosed
A vulnerability that could have permitted an attacker to coin infinite Zcash has been patched and disclosed by the company behind the coin, a post on the official Zcash blog states on Feb. 5.
Zcash Mining Mysteriously Spikes Despite Low Profitability
Zcash's network hash rate has mysteriously spiked by over 40 percent since Dec. 10th. It is unknown what is causing the spike, but it could indicate a growing ASIC presence on Zcash, or, more likely, that a large mining conglomerate is returning to the fray.