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307,575,942 USD
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177,905,993 USD
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5,917,006 ZEC
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5,917,006 ZEC
Zcash Overzicht
Een gedecentraliseerde en open-source cryptocurrency die sterke privacybescherming biedt. Afgeschermde transacties verbergen de afzender, ontvanger en waarde op de blockchain. Als Bitcoin als http voor geld is, is Zcash https - een veilige transportlaag.
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Volledig werkend product
28 months
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Open source
Zooko Wilcox
Nathan Wilcox
28 lid, 13 ontwikkelaars
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Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug
The company behind the privacy-minded cryptocurrency zcash has revealed that it fixed a catastrophic code bug last year that could have been used to print infinite coins.
Zcash Vulnerability Permitting Infinite ZEC Counterfeiting Fixed and Disclosed
A vulnerability that could have permitted an attacker to coin infinite Zcash has been patched and disclosed by the company behind the coin, a post on the official Zcash blog states on Feb. 5.
Zcash Mining Mysteriously Spikes Despite Low Profitability
Zcash's network hash rate has mysteriously spiked by over 40 percent since Dec. 10th. It is unknown what is causing the spike, but it could indicate a growing ASIC presence on Zcash, or, more likely, that a large mining conglomerate is returning to the fray.
US Crypto Exchange Coinbase Adds Support for Zcash on Retail Platform and Mobile Apps
Major American cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has launched support for Zcash at Coinbase.com and the exchange's Android and iOS apps, according to a blog post published Dec. 5.Per today's announcement, Coinbase customers can now purchase, sell, send, receive, and store ZEC. The coin will be available for customers in most jurisdictions, but initially customers from the United Kingdom and the state of New York will not be able to use the service.
Coinbase Adds Zcash to Retail Crypto Trading Service
Less than a week after adding privacy-focused zcash to its professional trading platform, crypto exchange Coinbase is opening trading to its retail customers.
U.S. DHS Seeking "Forensic Analytics" for Tracing Zcash and Monero
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has put out a pre-solicitation request for tracing private transactions and performing blockchain analytics on cryptocurrencies, such as Zcash and Monero.
TRON Ramping Up Privacy, Adopting zk-SNARKs from Zcash
In an interview, Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON, discusses how the platform will implement Zcash's zk-SNARKs cryptography in Q1 of 2019.
Zcash Launches on Coinbase Pro: Ramping-Up Listings
Today, Coinbase is adding the popular privacy coin Zcash to its cryptocurrency exchange service for professional traders.
Coinbase Pro Launches Support for Zcash
Major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched support for Zcash on its Coinbase Pro platform, according to a company blog post published Nov. 29.Zcash is a cryptocurrency based on a decentralized blockchain, designed with the goal of making transactions more private than they are in the Bitcoin blockchain.
Coinbase Adds Privacy-Centric Crypto Zcash to Pro Trading Exchange
Crypto exchange Coinbase Pro is adding privacy coin zcash to its listings.