Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky talks crypto lending and why Bitcoin won't be the "winning" blockchain

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CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky.

Celsius was recently in the news for having surpassed more than $4 billion in crypto loans - a 93 percent increase from the $2.2 billion at the beginning of 2019.

In our interview with Alex, we discussed why he built Celsius, the risks of using crypto lending platforms, the challenges of building an app for crypto users, and why Mashinsky believes Bitcoin will not be the winning blockchain.

What are the benefits of using Celsius as opposed to other crypto lending platforms?

AM: Celsius is focused on bringing the next 100m users into crypto by paying them up to 8X more than banks do.

Are there any risks when using crypto lending platforms?

What are the biggest challenges of building a crypto lending platform for crypto users?

Do you have any blockchain and/or crypto predictions for 2020 and beyond?

I can tell you that Interest Income on deposits is something 7.5B people do need and that is why we are focused on this as a killer DAPP.How important is the store of value narrative for crypto adoption and do crypto lending platforms help address that?

Since you believe Bitcoin will not be the winning blockchain, what will be the characteristics of the winning blockchain?