Craig Wright Won't Need to Pay Hodlnaut $60K Until Appeal Is Over, Says Counsel

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Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, is apparently not required to pay legal fees for a failed libel suit against the Twitter crypto enthusiast known as Hodlonaut.

In an Aug. 14 email to Cointelegraph, Wright's legal representative argued that he is not obliged to pay legal costs in the defamation suit until the Norwegian Supreme Court considers an appeal.

The spokesperson said, "Craig has appealed to the Norwegian Supreme Court. Craig's Norwegian lawyers say that there is no obligation on Craig to pay the costs until that appeal is dealt with."

The new comments come in response to Hodlonaut claiming that Wright has been ignoring a court filing requiring him to pay legal fees within two weeks following a Jun.

In an Aug. 13 tweet, Hodlonaut argued that Wright "Has not paid a cent" out of $60,000 in two months after the judgement was made.

According to Hodlonaut, the Norwegian Court of Appeals denied an appeal to Wright earlier in June.

The Twitter persona continued that Wright was obliged to pay "All costs for both District Court and Court of Appeals" in a tweet on June 8.

As previously reported, Hodlonaut is one of several crypto people targeted by Wright's multiple defamation suits aiming to prove that he is the true creator of Bitcoin.

The legal action against Hodlonaut was reportedly triggered by offensive tweets calling Wright a "Very sad and pathetic scammer" and claiming that the Australian businessman was "Clearly mentally ill." Hodlonaut is also reportedly involved in the creation of the #CraigWrightIsAFraud hashtag.

In response to initial reports on Wright filing a libel suit against Hodlonaut, the crypto community announced a crowdfunding to help the Twitter crypto enthusiast "Unfounded legal attacks."