Ethereum technical analysis against Bitcoin and USD suggest a strong uptrend may come next week

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As the market continues to climb on its rally from December lows, several of the high cap coins have been noticeably quiet-including Ethereum.

Bitcoin's recent price surge saw its price increase nearly 50 percent in two days, giving Ethereum and other high-caps the boost they needed to start their climb upwards.

This article will evaluate three separate aspects of Ethereum price movement, including ETH/USD, ETH/BTC and ETH.D. In summary, the aim is aim to evaluate the next few periods of price action for Ethereum, which on the higher timeframes will provide about two to four weeks of what to expect, given the current market scenarios.

Several things come to mind when thinking about Ethereum and its future, although if there is one thing that crypto space seems appears to be incredibly quiet about, it is the enterprise, institutional, and corporate application of Ether.

This alone makes ETH an incredibly strong player for renewed momentum in the markets, and for that reason, technical analysis can prove insightful.

Oftentimes, crypto debates stem from the ideological differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

All things considered, the analysis provided here is suggesting that ETH will regain the market dominance it previously had, which is also good news for other altcoins.

This, of course, makes sense on the Bitcoin dominance side of the equation, because Bitcoin almost doubled in value and went straight up in market dominance, which peaked at roughly 63 percent at that time.

Ethereum is far from is its all-time high in BTC but has a kick of life coming into play, as of today, as it touches a major support zone on the bottom of its low range.

In the long run, ETH should yield strong returns yet again.