First Mover: EOS Has Still to Prove Itself After Spiraling Down This Past Year

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Over the past year, the EOS token's price is down 69%, the worst performance among digital assets with a market capitalization of at least $1 billion, based on Messari data.

For starters, the concern that EOS is too centralized in the hands of Chinese operators might have lessened.

One of the chief selling points of EOS is that it's scalable, and that it offers zero-fee transactions.

Late last year, one project, EIDOS, airdropped so many tokens that it clogged the EOS network.

Another concern: As a platform for decentralized applications, EOS might be overly focused on gambling.

It's a key concept in crypto networks that less diversification increases vulnerability: If blockchain gambling were suddenly to end, activity on EOS could nosedive, causing significant, possibly even fatal, disruption.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven themselves, Greenspan said, while EOS languishes as one of those coins that has yet to find broader real-world adoption.

Greenspan said one bullish signal for EOS is that it has a large community, "Which really goes a long way."

As well as Ethereum, EOS counts both TRON, Tezos and, more recently, Binance as direct competitors.

With a market capitalization of more than $900 million, even following the past year's price declines, EOS looks like a show-me story.