Five of the Most Expensive NFTs Sold in 2019

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Gods Unchained - Atlas ID #8840817Price: 210 ETH.Date: Dec. 5, 2019.Gods Unchained is a competitive card game on the Ethereum blockchain and is similar to the popular mainstream title, Hearthstone.

The most significant difference between the two is the true ownership mechanic, made possible by Gods Unchained being a blockchain-based game.

The esports element of the game raises the value of cards as players aim to put together strong decks and be as competitive as possible when participating in the tournament.

The game uses the Ethereum blockchain to secure game assets, enforce all in-game contracts, and run the in-game free-market economy, which operates without developer interference.

The more useful a ship is in helping to build wealth within the game, the more costly it is to purchase.

At first, the asking price was a hefty 2,988,000 MANA, but a lack of buyers saw the price decay to a more realistic value of 1,299,999 MANA when it was finally purchased in May.Located in the game's sought-after Genesis Plaza, the estate consists of 64 parcels forming a perfect square and is unique, as it is surrounded by roads.

F1 Delta Time Apex Race Car "1-1-1"Price: 415.9 ETH.Date: May 27, 2019.In March 2019, game development studio Animoca Brands announced that it had secured an agreement with Formula 1 to develop and publish a blockchain game.

The game, F1 Delta Time, allows players to own a digital version of a Formula 1 race car through the use of nonfungible tokens.

The first phase of Animoca Brands' plan was to create collectible F1 cars, then allowing users to race them at a later date once the gameplay component of the game was released.

The F1 Delta Time team released the car named "1-1-1" on May 24, describing it as a "Truly one-of-a-kind digital collectible and a digital milestone in motorsport." It offered comprehensive in-game capabilities, with performance indices above the maximum levels possible for other cars in the game.