Interview: Ethereum development suite Truffle CEO on the future of dApps, regulation, and Libra

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Coulter built a career specializing in software testing and developer support, which became extremely valuable in the early days of blockchain development.

He's now surrounded by an high-caliber team building the next generation of blockchain development tools.

My goal coming in was to build blockchain applications, though I quickly learned Ethereum lacked the development tooling necessary to make that process easy.

We'll also be presenting the future of Truffle and how we're gearing up to take on enterprise blockchain development.

ConsenSys helped incubate Truffle and provide the funding necessary to build tooling used by the whole blockchain development ecosystem.

Truffle recently spun out of ConsenSys in March with $3 million in funding to take on the growing and complex needs of enterprise blockchain development.

What will blockchain dApp development look like in the next 5-10 years?

We recently partnered with Microsoft to build world-class development tooling for blockchain applications.

The keynotes will include updates from me and the Truffle team and will include some exciting announcements about the future of Truffle and how we're tackling enterprise blockchain development.

The conference talks cover everything from smart contract development, to design, to security and the legal ramifications of blockchain development.