Moving Coins, Data Breaches, and Magical Authors: Bad Crypto News of the Week

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One person who understands the blockchain better even than Josh Lawler is Satoshi Nakamoto, and it looks like the mystery inventor has been busy.

Fifty Bitcoins mined as early as a month after the launch of the Bitcoin mainnet have just moved to two different Bitcoin wallets.

It's not certain that the coins are Nakamoto's stash but few people were mining with the original Bitcoin client eleven years ago.

In an even stranger move Crypto YouTuber Vin Armani has packed his family off to the Northern Mariana Islands.

It turns out that ISIS isn't really moving Bitcoin around to fund its evil ways.

In Congress, the "Advancing Blockchain Act" is asking for a survey of the technology's uses and its adoption in the US. Representative Brett Guthrie who introduced the bill, says that he's worried about China taking a lead in the new technology.

The World Economic Forum Global Blockchain Council has launched its Presidio Principles, a kind of Bill of Rights for the blockchain.

The sixteen principles include ensuring that participants can understand the risks and benefits of blockchain technology; that they can create, manage, and independently store cryptographic secret keys; and that they can be certain that their data is protected.

Joel Comm is an internet pioneer, New York Times best-selling author, futurist speaker and co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast.