Ransomware Attack Kidnaps Austrian City

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An ongoing ransomware attack targets the public services infrastructure of Weiz.

Listen to article Malware team, NetWalker, launched a ransomware attack against the Austrian village of Weiz.

This attack affected the public service system and leaked some of the stolen data from building applications and inspections.

COVID-19 as bait to deploy the ransomwareThe subject of the emails - "Information about the coronavirus," - was used to bait employees of Weiz's public infrastructure into clicking on malicious links, thus triggering the ransomware.

Panda Security claims that the attack belongs to a relatively new version of a ransomware family, which spreads using VBScripts.

The report details that the ransomware terminates processes and services under Windows, encrypts files on all available disks, and eliminates backups.

This may indicate that the attack was not random, but instead directed to a specific objective.

Netwalker Group recently authored several attacks targeting the healthcare sector across the globe.

Cointelegraph Spanish reported an attack on March 25 which wasperpetrated against hospitals in Spain.

This attack also used phishing emails to deploy ransomware to targeted systems.