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Ethereum Classic Remains Immune to Market Volatility as Coinbase Finalizes ETC Support
Ethereum Classic has firmly entrenched itself as one of the biggest gainers for the last week of July 2018, rising 14% subsequent to Coinbase's confirmation that ETC support is expected to roll out in the next few days.
Blythe Masters Looks Beyond Finance for Next Wave of Blockchain Growth
To hear Blythe Masters tell it, the time has come for Digital Asset to spread its wings and fly.
Robinhood Adds Ethereum Classic to Crypto Trading App
Robinhood announced Monday that its customers can now invest in ethereum classic, just a day before Coinbase adds the option too.
Goldman Sachs Is Reportedly Weighing a Crypto Custody Service
Having launched bitcoin futures trading in May, Goldman Sachs is now pondering the launch of a cryptocurrency custody service, according to Bloomberg.
What Will It Take to Get the Bitcoin ETF Approved?
Recently there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of the Bitcoin ETF and although this type of buzz isn't new to Bitcoin enthusiasts, this ETF prospect is becoming more likely.
Below $7K: Bitcoin Price Looks Indecisive After 19-Day Low
Bitcoin's price is trading in an indecisive manner after hitting 19-day lows below $6,900 on Sunday, but could pick up a bid on acceptance above $7,100, technical studies indicate.
Biotech Giant Plans to Securely Share Genetic Data on a Blockchain
A publicly traded biotech giant based in South Korea is turning to blockchain to allow it to share genetic data without risk of hacking or infringement of patients' privacy.
Bitmain Confirms New Crypto Mining Facility in Texas
Bitcoin mining hardware giant Bitmain is officially setting up shop in Rockdale, Texas, and expects to launch mining operations early next year.
Here Is How Blockchain Will Help to Explore Space
More recently, with the emerging popularity of audacious startups like SpaceX, space exploration has become a less exclusive area.
Coinbase Returns to Wyoming After Successfully Renewing Money Transmitter License
U.S. crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has been given the green light from regulators to resume its services in the state of Wyoming, according to an official announcement published August 3.
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Returns to Bitcoin Bashing, Calls Cryptocurrency a 'Scam'
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon returned to his more critical comments about Bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrency a "Scam" and saying he had "No interest" in it, Bloomberg reported Sunday, August 5.
How Will the UK Deal With Crypto After Brexit: Expert Take
Because, the U.K. and its territory Gibraltar - the age-old tax haven that has repositioned itself as the new crypto venue of choice - have already created separate virtual currency and blockchain technology initiatives as strategic tools for income growth and national competitiveness.
Blockchain-Based Platform Unveils AI Chatbot to Help Students Pass Crucial Exams
A new platform is using artificial intelligence and blockchain to address the "Growing class divide" in education - helping all students access equal opportunities and unlock their full potential.
Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Plans 'Crypto Custody' Offering, Despite Bleak Market Predictions
Goldman Sachs plans to "Offer [clients] custody for crypto funds," insider sources told Bloomberg August 6, as the investment bank says it remains "Undecided" on its cryptocurrency plans.
Say Hello to SmartDrops: The New Way to Give Away Crypto Money
While the jury's still out about the mechanism, used of late to massively distribute crypto tokens to those who already own cryptocurrencies, several industry observers and startups already believe it could be done better.
Indian State Partners with Mahindra to Build 'Blockchain District'
A state government in India is working with a multinational IT services giant to build a district within the state capital dedicated to blockchain startups.
Researchers Build Blockchain Electricity Exchange They Say Cuts Waste
Researchers from one of the top universities in China say they have developed a decentralized exchange, not for crypto assets, but for unused power.
Coinbase Resumes Service in Wyoming After License Renewal
The San Fransisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is offering services again to residents living in the U.S. state of Wyoming.
Don't Expect New Bitcoin Price Highs in 2018
Despite an already six month cool-off period, for 2018 we see more sideways and downside potential in the bitcoin price due to sluggish retail demand, hesitation from institutions and a current market cap that seems too high relative to the activity occurring on available blockchains.
'No Coffee for Bitcoin,' Starbucks Clarifies as Media Misrepresent Its New Crypto Venture
Starbucks has clarified that it will not be accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment, despite misleading reports from mainstream media, a spokesperson told Motherboard Friday, July 3.
Bitcoin Hovers Near $7,000, While Altcoins Show Marked Signs of Recovery
August 5: After yesterday's market nosedive, Bitcoin is up just slightly, hovering around the $7,000 mark.
Six Network Launches Six Wallet With Multi-signature Security After ICO Ended
The Six Network wallet would help decrease the cost of transfers and increase liquidity across several content platforms, in a decentralized manner.
Answering Vitalik Buterin's 7 Hard Questions For the Blockchain World Part 6: Proof of Centralization
Erin highlighted the centralizations issues present within the Proof of Stake consensus model in his first hard question for the blockchain world, noting that Bitmain and affiliated pools now control a significant portion of all Bitcoin - the largest PoS network - hashpower.
Jamie Dimon Says JPMorgan Will Use Blockchain 'for a Whole Lot of Things'
JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon was bullish on blockchain tech, but shied away from commenting on cryptocurrency, saying fiat payment apps are "The biggest potential disruption to our business" in an interview published in the July-August issue of the Harvard Business Review.
Hodler's Digest, July 29-August 5: Both Kim Kardashian and the Operator of the New York Stock Exchange Get Into Bitcoin
Intercontinental Exchange, the operator of 23 global exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, has announced plans to launch an "Open and regulated" global digital asset ecosystem, as well as one-day physically delivered Bitcoin contracts pending CFTC review and approval.
Money or Assets? How World Governments Define Cryptocurrencies
As a result, cryptocurrencies lack a single, definite existence, with some nations treating them as money and others treating them as an unregulated, speculative asset, making them the financial equivalent of Schrödinger's cat.
Answering Vitalik Buterin's 7 Hard Questions For the Blockchain World Part 5: Proof of Waste
Of all the different consensus methods, PoW consumes the most energy and therefore consumes the most value - or money.
Coinbase Custody Explores New Assets and Coinbase Commerce Launches Plug-in for Online Stores
San Francisco-based Coinbase has been an industry leader in delivering digital assets for public adoption.
Mt.Gox Creditors Revise Proposal to Claim Bitcoin Repayments
Released August 1, 2018, Mt.Gox creditors revised their proposal to claim Bitcoin repayments and expedited compensation procedures.
Bank of Thailand Allows Banks to Open Subsidiaries for Crypto Dealings
The Bank of Thailand has recently allowed local banks to set up subsidiaries for dealing with cryptocurrencies, local Thai source Blognone reported August 3.