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A Blueprint for Reforming the Crypto Token Market
With $20 billion raised in "Initial coin offerings" and an overall token market valuation of $300 billion, early participants in crypto finance have done a spectacular job of "Growing" their monetary value as measured by the very fiat currencies many claim are being disrupted.
Dubai Plans to 'Disrupt' Its Own Legal System with Blockchain
A Dubai-based international court dealing with civil and commercial disputes in the financial industry is planning to launch what it calls a "Court of the Blockchain" to streamline legal operations.
Kim Kardashian West Raises Stakes With Bitcoin in Charity Poker Night Out
Kim Kardashian West, the reality television starlet with 114 million followers on Instagram, staked what appeared to be physical Bitcoin chips on a charity poker night out in LA yesterday, July 29.
Vietnam: Crypto Mining Firm CEO Allegedly Flees With $35 Mln in Investor, Company Funds
The CEO of Vietnamese cryptocurrency mining firm Sky Mining has reportedly disappeared with investor and company funds worth an alleged $35 million, local media outlet VNExpress reported July 29.
P2P Network to Stop Private Data Breaches and Censorship Via New Protocol, DApp Platform
IoP says its protocols and "People first" principle are essential in a world where data breaches occur daily, with large corporations harvesting far more information than they need.
Novogratz's Crypto Bank Galaxy Digital to Start Trading Aug. 1 on Canadian Exchange
Mike Novogratz's crypto-focused merchant bank, Galaxy Digital LP, is set to begin trading on Canada's TSX Venture Exchange on August 1, Bloomberg reports July 30.
Tron Achieves 2000 TPS, Surpasses Ethereum
Tron's recent mainnet launch marked its official migration from the Ethereum blockchain.
Commonwealth Bank Claims Success in Global Trade Blockchain Trial
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced the completion of a cross-border shipment that utilized blockchain to track goods in the supply chain.
IBM, Barclays and Citi Team Up to Launch Blockchain App Store for Banks
At least, that's the thinking behind LedgerConnect, a financial blockchain "App store" that aims to make it easier for banks to access distributed ledger technology solutions from fintech and software providers, and for those vendors in turn to reach bank customers.
Blockstack's First Business App Wants to Help Employees Earn More Crypto
If cryptocurrency is decentralizing the world of money, a new bitcoin wallet startup thinks it could also help decentralize the world of work.
Fatfish Internet Group: Markets Could 'Accept' Bitcoin ETF Within 'Couple Of Months'
Global markets will be "Ready to accept" a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in as soon as a "Couple of months," Fatfish Internet Group CEO Kin-Wai Lau told CNBC on July 29.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ships 17 Tons of Almonds to Europe With Blockchain
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced the completion of a successful trade using its new blockchain platform, according to its July 30 press release.
Mount Sinai Hospital to Explore Blockchain Applications
The New York-based medical school founded by Mount Sinai Hospital has launched a new research center focused on blockchain applications in healthcare.
Kaspersky Labs Warns Against Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Affecting Several Corporations
The public threat of cryptocurrency miners seemingly increases daily.
A Small Crypto Coin Is Making Big Claims About a Private Proof-of-Stake
If any coin is going to fly under the radar, it makes sense for a privacy coin to do so.
Six Tools Used by Hackers to Steal Cryptocurrency: How to Protect Wallets
31 percent of respondents rate the hackers' activity threat to the global cryptocurrency industry as very high.
Total Market Cap See Slight Decline, Bitcoin Keeps Holding Its Position
Sunday, July 29: crypto markets have seen diverging trends over a 24 hour period, with nine out of the ten top cryptocurrencies by market cap slightly in the green, according to Coinmarketcap.
G20 Refrains from Regulation, Vows to Fight Money Laundering at Recent Summit
At the last G20 summit in March 2018, financial leadership from twenty of the world's most significant economies had wildly divergent opinions about the validity and risk of cryptocurrencies.
FX Settlement Provider CLS Begins Final Testing for Blockchain Payment Banking Service
Forex exchange settlement giant CLS is in the final stages of testing its blockchain payment service for banks, Financial News reported July 27.
Hodler's Digest, July 23-29: Winklevoss ETF Gets Second SEC Rejection, While Fortune Recognizes Crypto Trailblazers
The SEC Commissioner officially dissented to the rejection, arguing that the SEC's decision erred on three grounds: it focused on the underlying Bitcoin market, not the derivatives, it will inhibit institutionalization of the Bitcoin market, and it shows a "Skeptical view of innovation."
Mastercard CEO: "Cryptocurrency is Junk"
Just days after Mastercard filed a patent to link fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, the payment giant's CEO lashes out at cryptocurrency - once again describing the asset class as "Junk" that should not serve as a medium of value-transfer.
Nasdaq Holds Secret Meeting to Legitimize Cryptocurrency
On July 27, 2018, Nasdaq held a closed-door meeting with traditional exchange and cryptocurrency company executives to discuss the future of the nascent sector.
Google Play Store Bans Crypto Mining Apps
"We don't allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency."
Monero-Style Privacy Is Ready for Ethereum
Fusing the privacy features of the latter into ethereum would make many of the platform's stakeholders, including developers who have been working on privacy-enhancing features for some time, excited.
Rejection Aside, Calls for a Bitcoin ETF Are Only Escalating
Just as the crypto community was - not so secretly - displaying its joy over Facebook's historic stock loss, bitcoin's price took a surprising drop below $8,000.
A Solution to China's Pharma Woes Might Be a Blockchain Away
A still-evolving vaccine scandal in China prompted a range of social media discussions in the past week around how blockchain could have prevented such a situation - or how it might be used to stop it in the future.
US: Lawmaker Calls for More Action from Congress on Regulating Crypto
Congressman Bill Huizenga has urged for the U.S. Congress to focus on crypto regulation in an interview with Bloomberg July 27.
Canada's DMG Blockchain Starts Installing 85 MW Substation for Crypto Mining Expansion
Canada-based DMG Blockchain Solutions has launched the installation of an 85-megawatt substation for crypto mining expansion, according to an official statement July 26.
Thai Bond Market Association to Launch Blockchain-Based Registrar Bond Service Platform
The Thai Bond Market Association will deploy a blockchain-powered solution on its registrar service platform, local news agency Bangkok Post reports July 28.
G20 Hears Out Multiple Crypto Reports in July, Waiting for FATF to Test Its Standards by October
The G20, after it was called upon by France's finance minister Bruno Le Maire to have a public debate about cryptocurrencies at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, made strides towards a global front for regulation of digital currencies.