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Bank of Canada's DLT Trial Shows Instant Securities Settlement Possible
The latest "Project Jasper" blockchain trials have shown that distributed ledgers are effective at automating securities settlements in real-time, according to Bank of Canada and two partners on the project.
Telefonica, Blockchain Startup Team Up to Secure Smartphone Apps
Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica has partnered with security technology startup Rivetz to develop smartphone security solutions for blockchain-based transactions and messaging, the companies announced on Thursday.
Financial Institutions In A Race: Who Will Bring Crypto Trading To The Fiat Masses First?
September 12, 2017 will go down in infamy when talking about the relationships between traditional fiat financial institutions and their views on cryptocurrency.
S. Korea's Largest Crypto Exchange Upbit Investigated By Police, Markets React
Upbit, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, is being investigated by local police and ten investigators for alleged fraud, local news outlet Chosun reports today, May 11.
Bacardi Rum Heiress Invests $100 Mln In Blockchain Entertainment Platform
Lady Monika Bacardi of the Bacardi rum empire has made an investment valued at $100 mln in a blockchain-powered social entertainment platform, according to an announcement from the company shared with Cointelegraph today, May 11.
Large Streaming Platform For Gamers Develops Its Own Blockchain For Unlimited Bandwidth
Play2Live, a streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans, announced that it is developing its own blockchain infrastructure called Level Up Chain, as the startup team reported to Cointelegraph.
From Iceland To China
The seized equipment is being linked to a series of thefts in Iceland late last year.
Bitcoin Loses $9K Support As Markets React To S. Korea Investigation, Mt.Gox Sell-Off
Bitcoin prices fell to three-week lows of around $8,540 on May 11, as markets reacted to a flash investigation of South Korean exchange Upbit and a fresh Mt.Gox funds liquidation.
Ethereum Futures Go Live on UK Trading Platform
Digital asset trading service Crypto Facilities is launching ethereum futures contracts.
Korea's Biggest Crypto Exchange Raided Over Suspected Fraud: Report
Prosecutors in South Korea have reportedly raided the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country, UPbit.
Bitcoin Hits Three-Week Low, Eyes Break Below $8,600
Bitcoin hit a three-week low of $8,713 on Bitfinex earlier today and looks set to extend losses further, price chart analysis indicates.
White Shoe to Wild West: Lawyers to Launch Blockchain-Only Law Firm
Blockchain technology is shaking up the legal industry.
Justice Department Veteran Backs Bitcoin Crime-Fighting Tool
Blockchain services provider Bitfury has hired an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Department of Justice to lead the American push of its bitcoin blockchain tracking product, Crystal.
Huawei Giving Chinese Public Access to Bitcoin Wallet Through AppGallery
Despite ICO and crypto exchange bans, Chinese public support for blockchain applications persists.
EOS, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, NEO and IOTA Prices Experience Big Drops
The cryptocurrency market is experiencing several drops through established currencies and altcoins alike.
China-Backed Researchers to Rank the World's Blockchains
A state-owned scientific institution overseen by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that it will produce monthly assessments of blockchain projects.
Huawei to Offer First Crypto Wallet App in Latest Smartphones
Chinese telecommunications firm and smartphone maker Huawei is partnering with BTC.com to roll out a mobile cryptocurrency app for the tech giant's proprietary app store.
Nvidia Reports First Quarter Crypto Sales, Expects Two-Thirds Drop In Second Quarter
Nvidia, an American graphics processing units manufacturer, has recently reported that the company generated $289 mln from processor sales to the crypto market, Bloomberg reports May 10.This is reportedly the first time Nvidia shared information regarding its revenue from chip sales to the crypto mining market.
Ripple Announces Successful xRapid Transfer from US to Mexico
In this instance, the US bank first sent USD to a gateway where it was converted into XRP. Next, the XRP was sent to a gateway in Mexico where it was then exchanged for Pesos.
Lykke Launches Blockchain Accelerator and Venture Capital 'Spin-Off'
Crypto exchange Lykke has partnered with two former executives from IBM and UBS to launch a blockchain-focused accelerator and venture firm.
Ethereum Co-Founder Battles 'Dr Doom' Roubini to Crypto Debate Draw
Nouriel Roubini was in full attack mode in his latest crypto debate.
Huawei Releases Bitcoin Wallet In App Store, Pre-Installed On All New Smartphones
Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese multinational communications technology company, has announced that mobile phone users will be able to download Bitcoin wallets on new Huawei devices starting Friday, Bloomberg reported May 10.Huawei is releasing BTC.com's Bitcoin wallet in its AppGallery app store, which will be pre-installed on all new Huawei smartphones, according to Alejandro de la Torre, vice president of business operations at BTC.com.
Pineapple Fund Writes Farewell Post, Reports That All Funds Have Been Donated
Pineapple Fund, a Bitcoin-only charity, has reportedly accomplished its ultimate mission and donated 5104 bitcoins or $55 mln to various nonprofit organizations, the fund's creator wrote in a farewell post on Reddit May 10.In December, when the BTC price approached its record high of $20,000, an anonymous donor who goes by the nickname Pine set a goal to give away 5057 bitcoins worth around $86 mln at the time.
Crypto Exchanges vs Stock Exchanges: How Do They Compare?
While on the surface, cryptocurrency exchanges may resemble stock markets in some ways - matching buyers with sellers and publishing prices - when examined closer, they differ quite vastly in terms of their overall associated risks and functionality.
Ripple: XRP Payment Pilots Cut Fees by 40-70 Percent
Distributed ledger startup Ripple published the results of its xRapid pilot programs on Thursday,.
De Beers Tracks Diamonds With Blockchain For The First Time
Global diamond giant De Beers announced Thursday that it tracked 100 high-value diamonds from the mine to the retailer using blockchain technology.
Ripple Cross-Border Payments Pilot: Financial Institutions Report Significant Time, Cost Savings
Financial institutions who participated in a recent pilot of Ripple's xRapid platform have reported transaction savings of 40-70 percent, Business Wire reports Thursday, May 10.
Kodak Announces Token Offering Goal For Blockchain Image Protection Platform
Wenn Digital, the developer of a blockchain-based image rights platform licensed by Kodak, announced Thursday that it plans to attract up to $50 mln in a combined public and private token offering, Reuters reported May 10.Wenn Digital has developed an image protection, monetization, and distribution platform secured via blockchain called KODAKOne, which is designed to protect the copyright of images or photographs registered on the platform.
This Is Why Crypto's Hot: Rapper Mims to Promote Blockchain for Artists
Award-winning rapper Mims has become the latest musician to launch a blockchain company.
Bitcoin Developers Build Prototype for 'Dandelion' Privacy Tool
Developers hoping to bring a higher level of transaction anonymity to the bitcoin blockchain have built a prototype for their "Dandelion" privacy project.