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Crypto Assets See Losses Across the Board as BTC Falls Below $4,000
Monday, Dec. 3 - Crypto markets have today again taken a major downturn, with all of the major coins by market cap seeing significant losses of within a 4 and 10 percent range, as data from Coin360 shows.
Ohio: Seven Funds Plan $300 Million Investment for Blockchain Startups Through 2021
Ohio funds will pour over $300 million into blockchain startups through 2021, Northeast Ohio daily news outlet Cleveland.com reported Dec. 3, quoting executives.
Europe Leads the Way With Crypto Exchange-Traded Products
Exchange-traded products are derivatively priced securities that are traded on a national securities exchange.
China: Beijing Financial Authority Warns Against 'Illegal' Security Token Offerings
The director general of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work has warned that Security Token Offering fundraising is "Illegal" activity, independent Beijing-based media outlet Caijing reported on Dec.1.
Thai Government Trials Blockchain in Fight Against Tax Fraud
A government agency in Thailand is trialing blockchain tech as a means to track value-added tax payments in the country.
26 French Companies, Five Banks Complete Blockchain-Based KYC Trial Based on R3's Corda
26 French companies and five major banks have completed a Know Your Customer test based on blockchain, according to a press release by the entrant firm RCI Bank and Services released Dec. 3.RCI Bank and Services, a French automotive financing and insurance firm unveiled details of a customer knowledge-focused blockchain solution trialed in partnership with blockchain consortium R3.According to the press release, the Proof-of-Concept test has been conducted in cooperation with the Association Française des Trésoriers d'Entreprise, a local network of treasury and finance professionals.
GM Files Blockchain Patent to Manage Data From Autonomous Cars
American car manufacturing giant General Motors has filed a blockchain patent for a solution to manage data from autonomous vehicles.
Ohio Accelerators to Pump Over $100 Million into Blockchain Startups
Two startup accelerators in the U.S. state of Ohio are reportedly to invest more than $100 million into blockchain firms.
Newly Formed US Healthcare Alliance to Trial Blockchain for Improved Data Quality
Major U.S. healthcare companies have formed an alliance to trial blockchain solutions in order to improve data quality and reduce costs, U.S. weekly news outlet Modern Healthcare reports Monday, Dec. 3.
Subreddit /r/Bitcoin Hits One Million Subscriber Milestone
Stalwart Bitcoin community subreddit "/r/Bitcoin" has hit the 1 million subscriber mark, according to a post from moderator "Ibelite" on Dec. 2.
Korea's Largest Internet Firm Kakao Is Running a Crypto ICO That Is Not Subject to SEC Scrutiny
Kakao, South Korea's largest internet conglomerate that operates applications and have nearly a 90 percent dominance in their respective markets, is running an Initial Coin Offering to raise funds for its blockchain project called Clay.
GM Patent Touts Blockchain As Data Solution for Self-Driving Cars
General Motors may be eyeing a blockchain platform to manage data from future fleets of automated cars.
EOS Node Offers Users Financial Rewards for Votes, Reignites Decentralization Debate
Another aspect of blockchain protocol EOS has sparked controversy this week after one of its 21 block producers appeared to offer its token holders financial rewards for voting it as a proxy.
Will Bitcoin Price Snap Three-Year December Winning Streak?
Bitcoin may break its three-year December winning streak unless prices convincingly cross key resistance at $4,410 in the next few days.
Security Token Offerings 'Illegal,' Says Beijing Financial Watchdog
Huo Xuewen, chief of Beijing's Municipal Bureau of Finance, has warned projects against holding security token offerings.
Islamic Financial Institution Partners With Startup to Develop Interbank Blockchain Tools
Saudi Arabian developmental institution the Islamic Development Bank Group has partnered with a Tunisian startup to develop interbank blockchain tools, a press release confirmed Nov. 29.
UK-Based Global Funds Network Calastone to Switch Entire System to Blockchain in May
London-based global funds network Calastone is switching its entire system for fund trade clearing services to blockchain this May, Reuters UK reports today, Dec. 3.
The Crypto Winter Is Here and We Only Have Ourselves to Blame
One thing has always infuriated me: his boasts, especially last year, that he was spreading belief in bitcoin because the small amount he'd distributed to random people over the years was now worth X times more in dollar terms.
UK Funds Facilitator to Roll Out Blockchain Settlements in 2019
Calastone, a London-based transaction network for investment funds, is looking to move its entire settlements system to a blockchain by May 2019.
Ping An's New Pitch for Blockchain: Shared Ledger, But Banks Keep Clients
Ping An, the Chinese insurance giant that built the eTradeFinance blockchain, is modifying the platform to give its 12 participating banks more control over customer relationships.
Top Coins Are Shaky, But Bitcoin Still Holds $4,000 Mark
Sunday, Dec. 2: the top 20 cryptocurrencies are mostly in the red, according to data from Coin360, after a modest recovery yesterday, Dec. 1.
G20 Country Leaders Call for International Cryptocurrency Taxation
The G20 countries have called for the taxation of cryptocurrency, as well as its regulation to combat money laundering, Japanese news outlet Jiji.com reports Dec. 2.
Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: TRON, Litecoin, XEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum
After the mayhem in November, crypto markets are showing the first signs of buying at lower levels.
First Blockchain Smartphones Appear on the Market: Sirin Labs' Finney Unboxed
After months of expectation and one of the top-five biggest ICOs of 2017, on Nov. 29 Sirin Labs has launched Finney, the 'world's first' blockchain smartphone.
Hodler's Digest, Nov. 26-Dec. 2: Satoshi Makes a New Friend, Buterin Gets Negative Over Centralized Blockchains
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said this week in an interview that the misapplication of blockchain technology in some industries leads to "Wasted time." Buterin noted that although there are a high number of companies that try to establish higher standards and transparency by using blockchain tech, he does not believe that blockchain can be applied usefully in every industry.
Japan's Financial Regulator to Introduce New ICO Regulations
Japan's financial regulator is set to introduce new Initial Coin Offering regulations to protect investors from fraud, local news outlet Jiji Press reported Dec. 1.According to "Informed" sources cited by Jiji, business operators conducting ICOs will be required to register with Japan's Financial Services Agency.
Get Ready for Crypto Sanctions Enforcement
Crypto industry, meet OFAC. Economic sanctions result from U.S. government policy decisions that certain countries, governments, individuals, or companies shouldn't be allowed to transact with "U.S. persons." The category of "U.S. persons" is expansive: it includes U.S. citizens and permanent residents anywhere in the world, non-U.S. nationals within the United States, and entities incorporated under U.S. law.
Crypto Custody? State Street Is Waiting on a Client Shift, Exec Says
State Street, one the largest institutional custodians on the planet, said there is no sense of urgency - at the moment, at least - from clients for the firm to move into safeguarding crypto assets.
Stablecoins: Money of the Future
Stablecoins are currently the fastest growing sector of the cryptocurrency market, worth $186 billion; these constitute cryptocurrencies whose values are pegged to real life commodities like gold or the US dollar.
NEO Announces 'NeoFS' Distributed File Storage, Competing with DropBox and Amazon S3
On Nov. 30th, NEO announced-in collaboration with NSPCC-that they are developing a distributed file storage system that would work as a "Cornerstone" of the NEO platform.