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Walmart Envisions Blockchain-Powered Delivery Fleets
Automated delivery cars or trucks connected via blockchain could one day deliver packages for Walmart, new patent filings suggest.
Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: Africa
Bitcoin's appeal is in large part due to its accessibility and inclusivity, but the trust-free component of using cryptocurrencies also resolves the long standing issue of Africans' distrust of banks on online payment platforms.
Robinhood App Raises $363 Mln To Expand Its Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Platform US-Wide
Stock trading app Robinhood has raised $363 mln in a series D funding round in order to expand its crypto trading platform, 'Robinhood Crypto,' US-wide, according to a company press release today, May 10.
Platform Creates Blockchain System That Offers 'Valid Randomness' in iGaming
A start-up company claims it can reduce public distrust in iGaming services through a blockchain system that generates "Valid randomness" in games and makes them "Provably fair."
Dutch Ministry Develops National Blockchain Research Agenda
Rob van Gijzel, ambassador of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, presented a national blockchain research agenda, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, on May 8.
TRON Prepares for Mainnet Launch and Competition with Ethereum
In 2017, TRON raised $70 million USD in its ICO and quickly rose to the top 20 global cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
This Blockchain Tosses Blocks: Naval, MetaStable Back Twist on Crypto 'Cash'
"What attracted me was a small, scalable blockchain that's still independently verifiable on small nodes," Ravikant told CoinDesk.
Blockstack Fund to Give Crypto Social Networks $1 Million Boost
Decentralized web developer Blockstack has earmarked $1 million to fund decentralized social networks projects, the company announced on Thursday.
$363 Million: Robinhood Raises Big to Build 'Largest Crypto Platform'
U.S.-based mobile stock trading app Robinhood has announced a $363 million series D funding round that it says will allow the firm to expand its cryptocurrency trading service nationwide by end of 2018.
Crypto Is the 'People's Revolution,' Says Investor Mike Novogratz
"This has been the people's revolution," Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Digital told the crowd at the Fluidity Summit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Thursday.
Australia: Gov't Considering Blockchain For Trade Supply Chains
The Australian government is considering a framework governing emerging technologies such as blockchain in order to transform trade, an official said May 10.
Bank Of America CTO Calls Bitcoin 'Troubling', Reconfirms Credit Card Purchase Ban
Bank of America doubled down on its decision to stop customers buying Bitcoin with its credit cards May 10.
China Will Issue Blockchain 'Standards' In 2019, Says Gov't Official
China will seek to release nationwide blockchain standards by the end of 2019, a government official told local news media May 10.
Iran Sanctions: Citizens Use Crypto To Move $2.5 Bln Out Of Country
Iranians are increasingly turning to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the wake of the US exit from a multilateral nuclear accord with the country this week.
Mining Will Propel Bitcoin Price To $36k In 2019, Says Latest Fundstrat Research
New research from Fundstrat Global Advisors places Bitcoin prices at $36,000 by the end of 2019, co-founder Tom Lee revealed Thursday, May 10.
Ethereum Founder Provides Updates on the Progress of Casper After Community Development Conference
Last week, the Community Ethereum Development Conference wrapped up, and Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, provided significant updates on the progress of Casper, the Proof of Stake consensus protocol that is expected to propel the future of Ethereum.
Kin Plans to Keep Ethereum Token, But Fork Stellar Blockchain To Avoid Scalability Issues
Developers of Kin, the altcoin that facilitates transactions within the Kik ecosystem, are planning a fork from Stellar to steer clear of potential issues of scalability and high transaction fees.
Venture Capitalist 'Disciple' of Buffett Condemns His Views On Bitcoin
Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya has countered billionaire Warren Buffett's recent derogatory statements on bitcoin, stating that the cryptocurrency is "Important."
Drop to $9K Still in Play Despite Brief Bitcoin Rally
Despite a brief rally yesterday, bitcoin is still in corrective mode and risks falling back below $9,000, chart analysis suggests.
Australian Government Airs Blockchain Plan for Trade Modernization
Australia's Department of Home Affairs is looking to blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent international trade supply chain management.
KODAKCoin Fundraising to Begin Later This Month
A sale of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens for KODAKCoin - the forthcoming digital rights token bearing the name of imaging company Kodak - is set to begin later this month.
Ebay for CryptoKitties Raises $2 Million from All-Star VCs
The ethereum-based decentralized application for buying, selling and breeding digital cats was a quick hit within the community, launching in November last year and peaking in December, when the game nearly brought the ethereum blockchain to a halt as it tried to deal with a significant increase in transactions.
Ethereum 'Stakeholders' Meet To Discuss Governance, Without Vitalik Buterin's Involvement
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has said he did not attend nor give "Permission" for approval of a roadmap cementing "Governance" this week.
Technical Analysis: EOS, Cardano, NEO, IOTA and TRON
Taking a look at the cloud, we see the Lagging Span above price, and a bullish Senkou Span cross.
JP Morgan's New DLT Lead: We're Not Done With Blockchain Innovation
As JP Morgan Chase's new blockchain lead, Christine Moy has big shoes to fill.
Investment Advisor Morgan Creek Tokenizes Tech Company's Paper Shares
Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital is tokenizing a private company's equity, turning its existing shares into new security tokens.
Colorado Blockchain Bill Voted Down In State Senate
HB 1426, a piece of state legislation that would have created guidelines for identifying "Open blockchain tokens" as securities, was voted down in the Colorado state Senate on May 9, according to public records.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Show Signs of Recovery After Recent Downward Spirals
Following a 72-hour period of descension for most cryptocurrencies, assets such Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are showing signs of potential recovery, while Litecoin and Ripple are taking longer to reascend.
Winklevoss Twins Acquire Patent for Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Products
As the sentiment of major investment firms begins to shift, the demand for derivative-based cryptocurrency investments has seen rapid growth.
Ethereum's EIP:0 Attendees Commit to Governance Plan
Several stakeholders in the ethereum community have pledged support for a governance plan produced by attendees of the EIP:0 Summit.