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BTC Is Better Than Gold "On Every Front", Says Hedge Fund Manager
Speaking at the 23rd annual Sohn Investment Conference, John Pfeffer, hedge fund manager at Pfeffer Capital, said that Bitcoin is the first viable candidate to replace gold, and is better than the precious metal "On every front," MarketWatch reported yesterday, April 23.Appearing on CNBC's Fast Money this morning, April 24, Pfeffer confirmed his prediction that Bitcoin would rise to "No less than $90,000 and potentially as high as $700,000." Pfeffer said that BTC and crypto assets in general should be thought of as a venture capital investment: "They could go to zero, but they could be worth much more."
Ethereum Proposal To "Resurrect" Disabled $360 Mln Parity Contract Shut Down
A week-long vote on a proposal in regards to the Parity hack wallet reversal, which proposed to restore a disabled contract to unfreeze 587 wallets holding 513,774.
Snoop Dogg To Promote Ripple At Invite-Only Event In NYC
Ripple is hosting a VIP gathering, dubbed "XRP Community Night," in NYC on May 15, with a performance by Snoop Dog, the company announced Tuesday, April 24.The event is "Invite-only," but two Twitter contests will run in which participants can vie for ten tickets: "Twitter Trivia" and "Make the Meme," on April 26 and May 2 respectively.
TRON Promises $1.7 Million Airdrop, Pushes Toward Mainnet Launch and Opens Taiwan Office
The controversial project has captured significant gains over the last week, rising from just over $0.04 to $0.072 due to the launch of the TRON testnet combined with an impending 30 Million TRX airdrop worth $1.7 million, capturing the attention of the crypto community.
War On Miners? Maybe Not On This $2 Billion Blockchain
Amidst what has been broadly called a "War on miners," with cryptocurrencies including ethereum, monero and siacoin taking aggressive steps to limit the effectiveness of certain types of hardware, developer Cody Burns has published a proposal that would alter ethereum classic's underlying algorithm to accommodate the technology.
Crypto Winter or Spring Revival? Take CoinDesk's State of Blockchain Survey
After a historic 2017, the cryptocurrency markets took a decided downturn in Q1. Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin - and most major cryptocurrencies - saw declines in a variety of metrics: exchange volumes, transaction counts, and, of course, price.
Everything Ex-CFTC Chair Gary Gensler Said About Cryptos Being Securities
Who could review 1,000 to 2,000? But other than maybe CryptoKitties - which I think CryptoKitties is not a security, I'm not sure it's an ICO though - I tend to agree with him.
Blockchain Insurance Policy Developed for Hurricane-Prone Puerto Rico
The firm behind a blockchain protocol tailor-made for the insurance industry has designed a decentralized policy to cover natural disasters in hurricane-prone Puerto Rico.
Total Market Cap Remains Over $400 Bln As Markets See More Green
Bitcoin has solidly broken above $9,000 and Ethereum is inching closer to $700, according to data from Coin360, as the crypto markets continue on their upward swing that has now lasted more than two weeks.
Korea's Largest Telecom Operator Announces Blockchain Service For Asset Management
South Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom announced the release of an asset management service with Blockchain tech, as well as a platform for linking Blockchain startups with investors, local news outlet The Korea Herald reports today, April 24.According to Oh Se-hyeon, the executive vice president of the telecom operator's Blockchain division, "The service will allow users to manage all bank accounts, credit cards, mileage points and other non-financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, in one basket, and enable transactions of the assets based on trust."
Industry Experts: EU Privacy Laws Help, Not Hinder Facebook, Google In Data War
The European Union's latest privacy laws could in fact benefit the media giants they hope to rein in, The Wall Street Journal claimed April 23, highlighting the need to put power in the hands of consumers, potentially via the use of Blockchain-based platforms.
Santander Launches Ripple-Based Money Transfer App
Following months of intense speculation and doubt, Santander has finally come forth and released its official Ripple-based warm-wallet, Exarpy, for public consumption.
1 in 5 Financial Institutions Exploring Crypto Trading, Survey Finds
The firm recently surveyed more than 400 clients on its data and trading platforms, including Eikon, REDI, FXall and Elektron.
'Enough Is Enough': Finance Guru Sues Facebook Over Crypto Scams
Martin Lewis, a British personal finance guru, is suing Facebook for allowing scammers, including some promoting cryptocurrency schemes, to use his likeness in advertisements on the platform.
Korea's SK Telecom to Build Blockchain for Identity and Asset Exchange
South Korea's SK Telecom is reportedly launching a blockchain-based platform for authenticating customers' identities within the year.
Bitcoin Is Facing Stiff Resistance On Road to $10K
As suggested by the convincing move above the long-term descending trendline and bullish daily relative strength index, the bulls look to be firmly in control.
Japan Finally Gets Self-Regulatory Body For Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Japan is about to get the first self-regulatory body for its cryptocurrency exchange industry as reports of a formal agreement surfaced on the local news outlet Asahi Shimbun Tuesday, April 24.
MIT Comes Up With Three Ways To Destroy Bitcoin
The MIT Technology Review has published an article today, April 24, called "Let's Destroy Bitcoin," detailing three ways that the cryptocurrency could be "Brought down."
Reuters Survey: At Least 56 Finance Firms Will Enter Crypto In Next 6 Months
Twenty percent of financial firms want to "Start buying and selling digital tokens" in 2018, Quartz reports Monday, April 23.
Market Strategist Sees BTC Soon Hitting Between $11,500 And $11,800
Bill Baruch of Blue Lines Futures sees the crypto sector as continuing to rise in the long term, with the "Ultimate upside" for Bitcoin being between $11,500 and $11,800, according to a CNBC video posted yesterday, April 23.
India: Police Superintendent Arrested In Connection With Case Of Bitcoin Extortion
A police superintendent from Gujarat, India, has been arrested in regards to the alleged kidnapping and Bitcoin extortion of a businessman, of which 10 people police officers have already been accused, local news outlet the Hindustan Times reported Monday, April 23.
Blockchain Project to Give Users 'Telepresence' Anywhere Via Live Streams They Can Control
The project says Avatars would enable a businessman to be "Telepresent" at a meeting on another continent, while students could attend lectures at their universities remotely.
From Russia With Love: Buterin Vs Pham in Twitter Throwdown Round 2
Theory: Kevin Pham is secretly paid by the Chinese to say crazy things to make the bitcoin community look like hyper-individualist insane gun nuts, thereby encouraging its replacement by centralized cryptocurrencies that the Chinese gov can more easily influence.
Bitcoin Price Climbs to 40-Day High Above $9,200
Bitcoin's price climbed above $9,200 on Tuesday to hit a 40-day high, according to data from CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index.
Cboe Exchange Wants to Lower Its Bitcoin Futures Prices
The Cboe wants to change the way it prices bitcoin futures contracts, a move that comes just months after the exchange operator first debuted its inaugural cryptocurrency product.
16 Exchanges Pledge to Restore Crypto Market Confidence
A group of licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan is looking to restore market confidence by adopting self-imposed rules.
Walmart Is Ready To Use Blockchain For Its Live Food Business
Walmart Inc., US retail corporation and the world's largest discount retailer, is ready to use Blockchain technology in its live food business, Bloomberg reported April 23.Frank Yiannas, Walmart Vice President of Food Safety and Health, made the announcement Monday at the MIT Technology Review's Business of Blockchain conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
An Open Network For Smart Economy
Formerly known as Antshares, NEO is reinventing commerce with blockchain technology by creating a smart economy in which businesses and governments will be able to digitize assets and automate their management.
Mexican Presidential Candidate Plans to Fight Corruption With Blockchain Tech
Ricardo Anaya, the youngest of the presidential candidates, aims to fight corruption through a safe, auditable, and innovative means: The use of blockchain technologies.
Crypto Market Cap Rises Past $410 Billion As Smart Money Moves In
The cryptocurrency market has experienced an explosive resurgence this week, breaking through the $400 billion market cap ceiling on a strong wave of positive investor sentiment.