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11,035,423 USD
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11,000,000 REP
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11,000,000 REP
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Een augur (meervoud auguren, augurs of augures) of vogelwichelaar was een priester in het oude Rome. Zijn taak was het waarnemen van de auspicia ("auspiciƫn"): het bepalen van de wil der goden aan de hand van de vlucht van de vogels. Het Nederlandse woord voor auspiciƫn is vogelschouw (avis vogel, spicere zien).
Ethereum Consensus
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44 months
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Open source
Jack Peterson
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Report: Tezos Is About to Undergo Its First Token Holder Administered Hard Fork
A governance vote of public smart contract-enabled blockchain tezos started on Feb. 28 has been concluded - as scheduled - three months later, on May 28.
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Bitcoin Cash reportedly suffered a 51% attack, transactions reversed
Bitcoin Cash reportedly suffered a 51% attack following its May 15 scheduled hardfork upgrade.
Crypto Exchange Binance Confirms Margin Trading Coming 'Soon': Report
Binance has confirmed it will be launching a margin trading service, after the cryptocurrency exchange accidentally tweeted images suggesting the service was in development.
Facebook in Talks With Coinbase, Winklevoss' Gemini to Launch Its Globalcoin: FT Report
Social media giant Facebook has reportedly held talks with major United States-based crypto exchanges about the issuance of its own crypto, the Financial Times reports on May 24.Citing two people familiar with Facebook's "Globalcoin" project, the FT wrote that Facebook has discussed the initiative with major crypto exchange and wallet Coinbase.
Polkadot Tokens Sold on Secondary Markets at Discounted Rates: Report
Tokens for the Polkadot protocol are being offered on secondary markets at heavily discounted rates, The Block reported on May 23.