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Een augur (meervoud auguren, augurs of augures) of vogelwichelaar was een priester in het oude Rome. Zijn taak was het waarnemen van de auspicia ("auspiciƫn"): het bepalen van de wil der goden aan de hand van de vlucht van de vogels. Het Nederlandse woord voor auspiciƫn is vogelschouw (avis vogel, spicere zien).
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Report: India Considers Complete Ban on Digital Currencies
A draft bill that would outright ban cryptocurrency is reportedly circulating among various departments of the Indian government, local media outlet The Economic Times reported on April 25.An official familiar with the matter reportedly told the Economic Times that the government has begun inter-ministerial consultations on the "Banning of Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currencies Bill 2019" draft bill.
Monex Reveals July Start Date for US Exchange as Coincheck Reports $15 Mln Loss in 2018
Japanese online broker Monex Group is planning to start trading in their United States cryptocurrency exchange in July, CEO Oki Matsumoto said on April 25, according to Cointelegraph Japan.
Report: United States-Based Crypto Exchange ErisX Is About to Launch its Trading Platform
Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange EriX is reportedly about to launch its spot trading service, industry news outlet The Block reports on April 24.
Japan's Finance Minister Urges Reporters to Adopt New Legal Term 'Crypto Assets'
Japan's Minister of Finance and deputy prime minister Taro Aso has urged reporters to stop using the term virtual currencies and switch to the newly-proposed legal name crypto assets.
Ripple Reports 31% Increase in Firm's Quarterly XRP Sales
Ripple sold $169.42 million worth of XRP in Q1 2019, up over 31% from the preceding quarter, the company's latest quarterly XRP Markets Report revealed on April 24.
Binance Singapore Launches But Offers Just One Trading Pair, Report
Binance has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore after months of anticipation, TechCrunch reported on April 23, albeit with limited features.
Report: Samsung Planning New Blockchain Mainnet Featuring Samsung Coin
South Korean electronics giant Samsung may end up developing a public-private blockchain complete with its own cryptocurrency token, an anonymous source told crypto industry news outlet CoinDesk Korea on April 24.
Crypto Exchanges Huobi and Fisco Investigated by Japan Watchdog: Report
Cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi Japan and Fisco are said to have been investigated by the country's financial watchdog last week.
'Blockchain Bandit' Has Stolen 45,000 ETH by Guessing Weak Private Keys, Report Claims
A "Blockchain bandit" has managed to amass almost 45,000 ether by successfully guessing weak private keys, according to a report released by Independent Security Evaluators on April 23.Adrian Bednarek, a senior security analyst, said he discovered the sophisticated hacker by accident.
IDC Report: Blockchain Solutions Spending in Asia/Pacific, Bar Japan, to Hit $2.4 Bln by 2022
Blockchain solutions spending in Asia/Pacific excluding Japan is forecast to hit $2.4 billion by 2022, according to an April 23 report from United States-based market research firm International Data Corporation.