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PundiX's Crypto Cash Registers Will Be Installed in 49 Retail Stores Across Venezuela
Venezuela's largest department store will install blockchain-enabled cash registers in its 49 retail outlets.
Ethereum Poised to Be First Public Blockchain in Hyperledger Consortium
Ethereum could become the first public blockchain on Hyperledger - if the open-source consortium's technical steering committee approves a proposal to adopt the ConsenSys-backed Pantheon project.
7,000+ Sign Petition Against Drafted Cash Restrictions in Australia
More than 7,000 people have signed a new petition against drafted cash restrictions in Australia, different drafts of which include and exclude digital currencies from proposed limits.
MouseBelt Launches Blockchain Initiative Across Three UC Campuses
Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt has launched a blockchain education initiative at three UC universities.
Coinbase WalletLink Now Lets Clients Use DApps on Desktop Browsers
Crypto exchange Coinbase's user-controlled Coinbase Wallet has enabled its clients to use decentralized apps on any desktop browser with the WalletLink service.
Bitcoin Price Stays Above $10,000 as Overall Crypto Market Sees Green
Thursday, Aug. 22- Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP are all in the green.
Pundi X Expands Crypto Payments to Venezuelan Department Store Chain
Cryptocurrency startup Pundi X has partnered with major Venezuelan chain Traki, who will now offer Pundi X's blockchain-based point-of-sale devices for crypto payments.
Report: Rwandan Central Bank Looks to Issue Official Digital Currency
Rwanda's central bank, the National Bank of Rwanda, is researching how to offer an official digital currency.
Bitcoin sentiment hits historic low based on Crypto Fear and Greed Index
The Crypto Fear and Greed Index reached its lowest value in history.
Patrick Byrne, Cryptocurrency Champion, Resigns as Overstock CEO
Patrick Byrne, a rare champion of cryptocurrencies among the heads of public U.S. companies, has stepped down from his roles at Overstock.com.
Iconloop Signs Deal With Art Site to Create Record of Ownership
Iconloop has signed a deal with Yeolmae Company to provide a blockchain-based certificate issuance service for the company's ARTnGUIDE platform, which acts as an intermediary site for the joint ownership of art.
Ripple Partnership Provides New Payment Rail for UK Remittance Firm
Distributed ledger startup Ripple has added a new client to its to its global settlements platform, RippleNet.
Rwanda's Central Bank Is Researching a Possible Digital Currency Launch
Rwanda's central bank is studying the development and issuance of its own digital currency.
Coinbase Now Allows You to Access Dapps on Desktop Browsers
Coinbase Wallet's decentralized web feature will allow users to link to supported Dapps from any browser using a new system called Walletlink.
Crypto Advocate Patrick Byrne Resigns as CEO of Overstock
Noted crypto advocate Patrick Byrne resigns as CEO of Overstock.
Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck Is Considering Launching an IEO
Major Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck is considering launching an initial exchange offering platform for raising funds through utility tokens.
As Coordinated Sell-Offs Strike Altcoins, How Do Exchanges Respond?
Still, the market itself has been slow to address the root cause, instead blaming the activities of malicious actors, whales or technical mistakes for sudden swings and substantial mispricings that regularly arise between exchanges.
Blockchain Energy Startup Power Ledger Extends P2P Power Trading Trial
Energy-focused blockchain startup Power Ledger has extended its peer-to-peer energy trading trial into its next phase in the Australian city of Fremantle.
FomoHunt Becomes First Merchant to Accept Huobi Tokens as Payment
Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi's native Huobi Token is now available for making real-world online purchases of a wide range of products from the e-commerce platform FomoHunt.
Move over Craig Wright, there's a new Satoshi in town
There is another claimant to the Satoshi Nakamoto throne.
Korean Banks Back $7.4 Million Funding Round for Blocko
Blocko, a South Korean blockchain firm working on enterprise applications of the tech, says it's raised 9 billion Korean won in an Series B+ round.
Crypto Futures Exchange Deribit Launching Bulk Derivatives Trading
Deribit claims it's becoming the first crypto futures and options exchange to provide large-volume trades of bitcoin and ether derivatives.
Deribit and Paradigm Launch Crypto Derivatives Block Trading
Dutch crypto derivatives exchange Deribit launched a block trading solution in partnership with American trading communication platform Paradigm.
Two Thieves Caught on Tape Stealing Bitcoin ATM in the US
A Bitcoin automatic teller machine has allegedly been stolen in the United States with the theft caught on tape.
Top-Rated Crypto Exchanges Comprise 5% of Total Trading Volume: Report
Untrusted exchanges still command the lion's share of global cryptocurrency trading volumes, a CryptoCompare report published on Aug. 21 reveals.
Bitpoint Taiwan's Sues Parent Exchange for Overbilling After July Hack
The Taiwan-based subsidiary of hacked crypto exchange Bitpoint Japan will file a $9.4 million damages suit as it claims to have been overbilled by the parent exchange.
Crypto Twitter 'giveaway' scams return with a vengeance, but what's Jack Dorsey doing about it?
The latest wave of giveaway scams has returned to Twitter and new suckers are entering the cryptocurrency sphere.
Blockchain Education Initiatives Launch at California Universities
A VC-backed blockchain firm that helped curate courses at Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge is officially rolling out its programs at three California universities.
Palestinian Civilians Are Using Bitcoin More Than Terrorists
Experts say Hamas is now using bitcoin for cross-border fundraising at an unprecedented rate.
Miller Lite Teams With Blockchain Firm for Customer Engagement Game
Miller Lite, the popular beer brand from U.S. brewer MillerCoors, has teamed up with a blockchain marketing company for the latest iteration of its "Know Your Beer" program.