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Filecoin creator denies strike allegations
Juan Benet, the creator of blockchain-based data storage platform Filecoin, has called allegations that miners of its token have been on strike since last week "Nonsense."
New paradigm: Ethereum fees regularly surpass Bitcoin, and it's good for ETH
Fees on the Ethereum blockchain network are consistently surpassing Bitcoin and industry executives say it could spark a "New paradigm."
Price analysis 10/19: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BNB, LINK, DOT, ADA, LTC, BSV
If the bulls can push and close the price above $395, it will complete an ascending triangle pattern.
An encryption study revealed a surprising fact about blockchain adoption in Mexico
The results could be a good sign for the proliferation of distributed technology.
French Finance Minister throws shade at crypto, praises blockchain
He stated that he does not "Question the reliability and traceability of all blockchain technology," but denounced crypto.
Institutional Bitcoin longs at record-high, hedge funds short
According to CME, the amount of Bitcoin long contracts held by institutions are at an all-time high.
Leaders of global CBDC projects talk shop in panel today
As part of DC Fintech Week, a digital conference on the governmental side of the financial technology sector, several international leaders gathered for an Oct. 19 panel called: Central Banks, CBDCs and Cryptoeconomics.
Bitcoin price holds strong amid negative news blitz, says CoinShares report
KuCoin suffered a major hack on Sept. 26; two United States regulatory bodies went after BitMEX on Oct. 1; the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA, banned crypto derivatives on Oct. 6; and news came to light that U.S. stimulus payment talks had stalled around Oct 9.
US financial watchdog fines early Bitcoin mixer $60M for money laundering
FinCEN has fined the operator of early crypto mixers Helix and Coin Ninja for Bank Secrecy Act violations.
Exploring the landscape of crypto regulations in sub-Saharan Africa
"We ought to understand that regulators are just starting to figure cryptocurrencies out. Many of them have just begun their exploration and they hear about this in the worst possible ways, especially in Africa. Because nine out of 10 people you talk to in Africa have been scammed in a cryptocurrency-involved scam or know someone who has been scammed. That's a huge number, but then you consider the proliferation of multi-level marketing scams that operate upon Africa like OneCoin, this infamous Ponzi plus the crypto mining scams. Everyone in Africa has been scammed."
This user lost $1m of top DeFi coin Aave by accident: here's why
Just recently, top Ethereum decentralized finance project Aave began transitioning its native token LEND to a new token called AAVE. LEND had become outdated as it was named after the project's predecessor, ETHLend, and lacked certain technical and economic functionalities.
Number of Bitcoin wallets holding over 100 BTC tests 6-month high
Wallets once again appear to be accumulating cryptocurrency at an increasing rate.
'Old hands selling out' metric shows Bitcoin price at risk of HODLers dumping
Old hands are selling their Bitcoin holdings, according to Glassnode's Coin Dormancy metric.
This blockchain only needs 22Kb of data to be verified
Mina aspires to be the world's tiniest blockchain, with claims that its protocol maintains a constant size of around 22 KBs. This is ostensibly achieved by using recursive zk-SNARKs - the same technology that is used by the privacy-centric cryptocurrency, Zcash.
Bloomberg brands Polkadot an "Ethereum blockchain killer" in new article
Ethereum has long been the leading smart contract blockchain after its launch in 2015.
Better to get it right than to be first with CBDC, says US Fed chair
The U.S. already has a "Safe and active dynamic domestic payment system," Powell argued.
Vinnik trial for extortion and Bitcoin money laundering begins in Paris
The Russian national linked to the laundering of $4 billion of Bitcoin stolen during the Mt. Gox hack is finally in court.
Asset manager: Activist investors may save Ethereum DeFi token Curve as token price hits all-time lows
Despite being a brilliant idea and widely used, the CRV governance token has been one of the worst-performing post-launch governance tokens seen by any major platform, with its price diving to fresh all-time lows today.
Payments-focused cryptocurrency Dash now has a bridge to DeFi
Dash holders will soon be able to access a wide range of decentralized finance, or DeFi, services through a collaboration with StakeHound.
Ethereum can rise to $800 in 2020 if this bull 'mini-cycle' repeats
A similar approach and analysis can be made for Ethereum's Ether, which is outperforming BTC year-to-date, as the majority of its impulse upward moves have corrected heavily to retest previous resistance levels.
Japanese payments firm JCB and Mizuho Bank test blockchain-based ID
Fujitsu has been working on blockchain-based digital identity tools since 2019.
After helping Yearn.finance to $1b, Blue Kirby called it quits. But now he's back
As crazy as it may sound, one of the most talked-about figures in the Ethereum and DeFi space over recent weeks has been a pseudonymous user called "Blue Kirby."
Swiss gov't starts consultation process for blockchain laws
The Swiss government will enforce new blockchain laws in less than a year.
Latvian regulators warn public about cryptocurrency fraud
Crypto remains under-regulated, so Latvian investors need to be extra vigilant, says the FCMC. 230 Total views.
Binance Jersey shuts operations less than two years after launch
All accounts on Binance Jersey will be inaccessible as of Nov. 30.
7% of Americans have bought Bitcoin, study finds
According to new data from Statista, only 7% of Americans have previously used Bitcoin.
Record fundamentals and a $12K pump: 5 Bitcoin price tips this week
Bitcoin starts a new week in familiar territory as markets move into the United States' 2020 elections - where could it go next?
95% of winners in China's CBDC lottery spent digital yuan prizes
Some winners purchased additional digital yuan during the pilot.
Big Bitcoin prediction, OKEx spooks markets, Ripple exec's big mistake
Bitcoin exchange reserves have also continued to plummet, indicating there's a shortage of sellers or a lack of trust in centralized platforms.
Chasing the hottest trends in crypto, the EU works to rein in stablecoins and DeFi
The far-reaching framework, designed to bestow regulatory clarity upon digital finance businesses serving residents of the European Economic Area, is bound to be especially consequential for two interconnected domains of the crypto industry that have dominated the narrative throughout much of 2020: stablecoins and decentralized finance applications.