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Japanese Finance Minister May be Opposed to Lowering Tax on Crypto
Finance Minister Taro Aso suggested he was unwilling to push for lowering the tax rate on cryptocurrencies in Japan to a flat 20% because it's difficult for many households to invest in digital assets.
Ethereum traders prepare for massive volatility as options volume hits record highs
Ethereum's recent really from the lower-$200 region to highs of $245 has allowed it to reverse the immense downtrend it had previously been caught in against its Bitcoin trading pair.
Ripple's ODL Network Records ATH for XRP/AUD on BTC Markets Exchange
The ODL index for XRP/AUD exceeded the previous all-time high value of $15,640,530 despite the price of XRP staying relatively flat.
Western Union Makes Takeover Offer for MoneyGram
According to Bloomberg, financial giant Western Union has made an offer to purchase cross-border payments company MoneyGram.
'Financial Surveillance' or 'Blockchain Analysis'? Human Rights Foundation Debates Elliptic
"I think you should quit your job and go and work for the good guys," the Human Rights Foundation's Alex Gladstein told Tom Robinson, the founder of crypto compliance firm Elliptic, Monday afternoon.
Bitcoin Rises Above $10K for First Time in 25 Days as Protests Roil US Cities
Bitcoin has risen above $10,000 for the first time in almost a month as protests in U.S. cities continue to intensify.
Samson Mow's Infinite Fleet Game 2020 Launch Backed by Major Players
Prominent Bitcoin figures are working together to ensure the alpha release of Pixelmatic's Infinite Fleet space adventure game is launched by the end of 2020.Infinite Fleet, under the leadership of Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer and Pixelmatic Chief Executive Officer Samson Mow, is being backed by major crypto players like Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, WhalePanda, "The father of cryptocurrency" Adam Back, former Bitfinex Chief Strategy Officer Phil Potter, Max Keiser, and others.
Bitcoin Price Surges to $10,380 as Trump Threatens Military Crackdown
Bitcoin price broke the $10,000 barrier and rallied to $10,380 for the first time in 3 months.
'Sell in May' Wall Street Adage Doesn't Apply to Bitcoin, Data Suggests
The old Wall Street maxim "Sell in May and go away" is detrimental to bitcoin investors, market data from Messari suggests.
Chinese Chip Maker With a Hand in Crypto Mining Plans $2.8B IPO
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, one of the largest computing chip producers in China, plans to raise $2.8 billion through an initial public offering on the Sci-Tech Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Price Analysis 6/1: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, EOS, XTZ, ADA
While most traders are keenly watching the $10,000 level on BTC and worrying about the next $1,000 move, Plan B, the creator of the stock-to-flow price prediction model, has projected a target of $100,000 for BTC by the end of 2021.
The stock market is outperforming Bitcoin over the past year: Why this may soon change
Despite Bitcoin's strong performance against a backdrop of global turbulence in recent times, it is important to note that the stock market is still outperforming the benchmark cryptocurrency over a one-year period.
Satoshi Nakamoto Had Outside Cryptography Help, Says Early Bitcoin Dev
According to an early Bitcoin developer, Satoshi Nakamoto sought help from outside cryptographers prior to launching Bitcoin.
Market Wrap: As Bitcoin Steadies, Oil's Turmoil Continues
Both bitcoin and oil were relatively calm Monday, but that when it comes to volatility over the past couple of months, it's crude, the backbone of global industrialization, that's seeing wilder swings as of late.
Mining Hardware Maker Canaan Looks to Issue $12.4M in Stock to Employees
Cryptocurrency mining ASIC producer Canaan filed with the U.S. SEC to issue around $12.4 million worth of shares to its employees.
Ledger CTO Explains Why Smartphones Won't Ever Be Fully Safe for Using Crypto
Cointelegraph interviewed the CTO of Ledger, Charles Guillemet, to learn more about the best practices in securing cryptocurrencies for average users.
Protestors Invoke Bitcoin in the Wake of George Floyd's Death
Cryptocurrencies appear on the scene of massive protests in the U.S. in response to police killing George Floyd, with many industry leaders weighing in.
Hacker Steals Database of the Largest Hosting Provider on the Dark Web
Reports emerged on May 31 about a hacker that stole and leaked the database of Daniel's Hosting, the largest free web hosting provider in the darknet, and the home of several crypto-related forums and stores.
Meet the U.S. Senate Candidate Who's Invested in Bitcoin Since 2013
A budget hawk and founding member of the Freedom Caucus, she first bought bitcoin in 2013 after a tip from her son-in-law.
On the 'Bitcoin Fixes This' Meme
As the U.S. experiences the most sustained civil disobedience in more than a generation, an exploration of what role bitcoin has to play in building a better system.
This Bitcoin developer is using "swaps" to solve BTC's long-running "pseudonymous" privacy issue
Bitcoin's privacy features have been under fire by critics since early 2013.
Cash or Plastic? Countries Where Crypto Debit Cards Are Fair Game
Wracked by regulation, supplier issues and the volatility of digital assets, crypto debit cards have had a rough start.
Exclusive: Binance Korea to Integrate Coinfirm Real-Time AML Monitoring
Binance Korea will be monitoring activity on its platform for signs of money laundering thanks to a solution developed by Coinfirm.
Miners Have Been Selling More Bitcoin Than They Generate, Recent Data Suggests
Last week, Bitcoin miners sold 11 per cent more coins than they generated over the same period, June 1 data from on-chain analysis portal ByteTree suggests.
Swiss Bank Maerki Baumann Launches Crypto Custody and Trading
Maerki Baumann, an unlisted family-owned bank in Switzerland, is expanding its cryptocurrency services by introducing crypto custody and trading.
Private Swiss Bank Rolls Out New Premium Crypto Trading Service
Private Swiss bank Maerki Baumann's new crypto trading service shows there's a growing market for providing premium execution for an institutional or wealthy clientele.
Inflation may grow as the US prevents negative interest rates, boosting Bitcoin bull case
One of the biggest Bitcoin catalysts over the past few months has been the introduction of negative interest rates into economies in Europe and Asia.
Early Bitcoin advocate explains how falling oil markets mean profits for America and China BTC miners
A Bitcoin veteran believes the recent fall in oil markets, when a certain futures contract traded at -$37 at one point, is ultimately a positive for the cryptocurrency markets, and more specifically Bitcoin miners.
Bitcoin News Roundup for June 1, 2020
Jun 1, 2020 at 16:04 UTC.With bitcoin and ether both headed up, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with your bitcoin news roundup.
Blockchain Bites: Chase Class Action, 30 Words for Censorship and a Bitcoin Bug
Chase Bank has settled a class action lawsuit brought by defendants who claim the J.P. Morgan subsidiary overcharged credit card fees for crypto purchases.