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Monero is de toonaangevende cryptocurrency met een focus op privé- en censuurresistente transacties. Bijna alle cryptocurrencies (inclusief Bitcoin en Ethereum) zijn transparant. Ze onthullen uw hele transactiegeschiedenis aan de wereld. Monero maakt gebruik van onbreekbare cryptografie om ervoor te zorgen dat niemand kan zien hoeveel geld je hebt of waar je het uitgeeft, zelfs als ze je portefeuilleadres kennen.
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62 months
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Open source
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Monero Reports on Resolving Fake XMR Minting Bugs a Month After Fix
The frightening reveal of nine security bugs through HackerOne internet security platform that had affected Monero in recent months - ranging from the insignificant and solved to the malicious and live - was a big wake-up call for blockchain enthusiasts.
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Many have been outspoken in support of the largest cryptocurrency as it maintains its market dominance above 62%. Though bitcoin is the undisputed leader, it is unlikely that it will remain the only cryptocurrency that will see a sharp increase in price.
Monero Discloses Bug Allowing XMR to be Stolen from Exchanges
Several security vulnerabilities have been disclosed by Monero, including one that could have been exploited to steal xmr from exchanges, reports on the breach disclosure platform HackerOne revealed on July 3.The vulnerability theoretically enabled attackers to send counterfeit xmr to an exchange.
Monero and Zcash Conferences Showcase Their Differences
Over 200 people gathered in Croatia for Zcon1, organized by the nonprofit Zcash Foundation, while roughly 75 attendees gathered in Denver for the first Monero Konferenco.
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Facebook's Libra sparks privacy concerns while Monero, Zcash, Zcoin and Grin surge
Monero is sitting at a pivotal point based on the 3-day chart.
Top 5 Crypto Performers: NEO, LTC, BTC, ETH, XMR
The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies had come scaringly close to breaking down below the $100 billion mark in mid-December of last year.
Bullet stopping drones now mine on the Monero network
Bullet stopping drones are now securing the Monero network? Astral AR and Core Scientific announced a partnership that puts mining software on high-power safety drones.
New Monero Botnet Looks Like Last Year's Outlaw Attack
There's another Monero mining botnet that's targeting China.