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Monero is de toonaangevende cryptocurrency met een focus op privé- en censuurresistente transacties. Bijna alle cryptocurrencies (inclusief Bitcoin en Ethereum) zijn transparant. Ze onthullen uw hele transactiegeschiedenis aan de wereld. Monero maakt gebruik van onbreekbare cryptografie om ervoor te zorgen dat niemand kan zien hoeveel geld je hebt of waar je het uitgeeft, zelfs als ze je portefeuilleadres kennen.
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59 months
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Open source
7 lid, 49 ontwikkelaars
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Monero developers have fixed a bug involving cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger that made user funds look like they had disappeared, they confirmed on social media on April 8.
Privacy Service for XMR-Enabled Bitcoin Transfers Removes Support for US Residents - a service that allows users to increase the privacy of their Bitcoin transactions by using Monero as an intermediary currency - has announced it will not be serving United States-based clients for the time being.
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Monero Upgrade Successful: Improved ASIC Resistance, Security, and Privacy
Monero successfully completed a scheduled protocol upgrade on Mar. 9th. The upgrade includes tweaks to the PoW algorithm for better ASIC-resistance, changes to mitigate big bang attacks, and increased transaction homogeneity to further improve privacy.
Ledger Client Address Issue and Fake Deposits: Community Spots Two Vulnerabilities Related to Monero
This week, at least two seperate bugs related to Monero were reported by crypto community members.