All Things Alt: A Dogecoin Wedding, Ire Over Isracoin and Crypto Commodities Go Wild

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Relaxing after a long week in the alternative digital currency world? If so, it's time to kick back, count your coins and remember that we're all here to have fun.

While the list of places where you can spend your bitcoin is steadily growing, there aren't nearly as many locations that will accept the less than one-year-old digital currency dogecoin.

Dogecoin lovers have gained a new service that will take their dogecoins as payment - a marriage service based out of Los Angeles County in California.

Long2Wed has been accepting both bitcoin and dogecoin for just over a month, offering confidential marriage licenses and marriage ceremony facilitation.

In a way, Long2Wed is a decentralized wedding solution that appropriately integrates digital currency.

Matthews added that he believes his wedding services would cost about 500,000 dogecoins, and that he has not had a bitcoin or dogecoin customer.

Those in the dogecoin community looking for a destination wedding might want to factor this interesting service into their plans.

According to the official Bitcoin Talk forum post, the project has reportedly attracted the interest of several institutional urea traders who will help peg the coin by a 1:1 ratio with each uro supported by a metric tonne of urea.

Previously, regulators in the country have adopted a wait-and-see approach toward digital currency, although the bitcoin community remains robust there.

After achieving an $112m market cap, according to, the altcoin has since slid to an estimated market cap of just under $4m. With its airdrop still under way, isracoin could stand to make an impact in Israel's digital currency scene should it overcome these problems of perception.