All Things Alt: Darkcoin Duels XC and the Demise of McDogecoin

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The libertycoin community experienced a severe price shock when a senior developer for the alternative digital currency left the project this week, though it has since recovered.

Ideas include setting up an ATM network in Mexico City, where the developer Templar77 resides, and integrating libertycoin into a separate exchange project being pursued in Mexico as well.

Earlier in the week, a rivalry of sorts began between the communities of darkcoin and XC which unfortunately took a turn for the worse as allegations of stolen or misrepresented code elements surfaced on Twitter and the Bitcoin Talk forum.

Others questioned why the developer opted to keep some elements of the XC code private during development.

At the center of the argument was a tweet from the official darkcoin Twitter account, which linked users to the Bitcoin Talk post containing the allegation that XC's developer had appropriated elements of fedoracoin.

The XC developer took the Bitcoin Talk forum and denied allegations that the code employed was appropriated from the fedoracoin code.

The developer has announced that the forthcoming edition of XC's Windows wallet demonstrates the anonymizing technology.

According to the developer, the goal was to leverage Iaura B.'s fame as a means to both promote the coin and cryptocurrency at large via Twitter.

The developer even suggested that users tweet at Iaura B. in order to generate interest and potentially bring her aboard.

On 28th May, the developer announced on Bitcoin Talk that the project was cancelled due to "Unexpected circumstances".