Bitcoin rebounds to $18K after crucial support level holds

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Bitcoin hits 1.618 Fibonacci and may find a top soon.

The weekly chart of Bitcoin shows a massive run in the previous period as the region around the all-time high is being tapped.

There are several key price levels to watch if Bitcoin corrects before reaching $20,000.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has arrived at the next and final resistance zone before a possible new all-time high: $500 billion is likely to be a significant hurdle to overcome.

Remarkably, Bitcoin's price is now just 10% beneath its all-time high and has already broken its all-time high market cap.

The total cryptocurrency market cap is still down 35% from its all-time high.

One of them is the increase in Bitcoin dominance over the past weeks, which has risen to over 66%. As long as Bitcoin is in the spotlight, altcoins will not perform well.

If Bitcoin corrects, then altcoins are likely to drop even more.

Price against Bitcoin and whether ETH/BTC has bottomed.

The best conditions for altcoins are a slow, upward grind in the price of Bitcoin.