Blockchain Network With Dynamic Fees Says It Triples TPS, Overpassing Ethereum and Bitcoin

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Blockchain network ARK has released Core V2, the second version of its core system.

The company emphasizes that ARK has become "The first and the only" delegated proof-of-stake-based service with dynamic fees.

The users decide how much they want to pay for transactions using the ARK wallet.

Mainnet as a milestoneThe company calls the migration to Core V2 - which has already been successfully completed on its mainnet - the beginning of a new era for ARK. The team now hopes that their updated ecosystem will empower developers to build new modular features and customizations.

ARK announced that they have already reached 150 transactions per block at a rate of 19 transactions per second - in comparison, Ethereum currently has 15 TPS and Bitcoin has 7 TPS.Recently, ARK also partnered with Bugcrowd, a crowdsourced security testing platform, which will protect the renewed ARK ecosystem.

At the same time, the community-based development team, called Ark Labs, has successfully integrated smart contract abilities into the ARK blockchain using HyperLedger Fabric technology.

ARK users can get Core V2 by downloading the new Wallet V2. This completely rewritten service allows for the utilization of the new dynamic fees system.

The ARK team also has some other new features, such as a market chart and the ability for users to create different profiles.

The new version of the ARK core system will be V2.1, which will include even more new features and improvements.

The ARK team will continue pushing frequent updates across the entire ARK ecosystem, as announced in their roadmap.