Blockchain Startup Offering 'Dynamic Fees' To Help Users Save Money On Transactions

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A blockchain-driven startup believes that blockchain technology has the potential to be more than a "One trick pony designed for investors" - setting the objective of creating cutting-edge technology for fast transactions, and delivering "Practical services for real people."

The company says its team is determined to ease consumers into blockchain by creating easy-to-use tools and products that gradually increase awareness and general knowledge about the opportunities that blockchain technology provides.

Among ARK's distinctive features is a development called SmartBridge, which enables its blockchain to interact with any other popular networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ARK believes one of its strengths is its easy-to-use wallets.

Syncless, paving the way for "Very fast" transactions, they are compatible with all ARK based blockchains and can be customized with plugins and personalized to fit users.

Through the SmartBridge functionality, the platform says it is "Able to offload non-essential functions to hundreds of parallel chains." Therefore, making the team believe that this paves the way "For great scalability, while keeping the main ARK blockchain lean and fast."

Another concept put forward by the ARK Network is dynamic fees.

This makes ARK the first DPoS based blockchain to achieve this feat, the company says.

ARK's website comes complete with detailed updates of how far along it has come in completing certain milestones - as well as providing a due date.

At the time of this writing, it was 84 percent through a "Total overhaul" of the ARK Core - paving the way for a plethora of new features, including a higher number of transactions per second.