Crypto Ads Ban Is Temporary, According To LinkedIn's Co-Founder

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Now Eric is launching a reputation system around the initial coin offering ecosystem that aims to help people make trustful decisions while buying and selling something.

What we believe is that trust and reputation are really valuable to people and right now they're all locked up in centralized databases.

We're trying to enable a trust layer that can work across many different social networks and many different marketplaces, so that people can use their reputation across multiple of these networks or communities.

On tokens in a trust establishment Tokens are really designed to incentivize trustworthy interactions and the building of reputation data on the Blockchain, which hopefully further creates trustworthy interactions.

How to measure reputation The important point is that you cannot buy your reputation.

So the way that we measure reputation is really on all of those granular interactions that are happening with the staking going on.

On the Blockchain, all the different interactions and transaction builds up a reputation history.

Again, the reputation comes out of the history of that interaction and the outcome, and that it actually goes on to both the consultant and the client in terms of how they interacted.

In the case of the consultant, if they do a lot of great projects then they build up a really great reputation for themselves - that maybe can reflect very effectively for them and get them new projects in a marketplace.

The scoring algorithms and so forth will consider those situations and make sure that people have a fair chance to improve the reputation over time if in some cases they did not do it perfectly.