Crypto Week in Review: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin Up Double Digits Over Past Week

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As the week closes, we reflect on some of the maneuvers in the crypto arena that have seemingly placed most major digital currencies in the green after a somewhat shaky start to the week.

The crypto market has jumped from $324 to $397 billion - a $73 billion spike - since Monday, April 16, and some analysts, such as Tom Lee, believe the bull run is not yet over.

Bitcoin started the week out at roughly $8,000, but trades for just over $8,900 at press time.

The currency is slated to strike $9,000 territory by the beginning of next week.

While some praised the new currency, others - like independent blockchain contractor Jill Carlson - stated that the decision was one of "False bravado," and merely an attempt to potentially execute "Corporate-level control" over clients and consumers.

Ethereum is also in the green, trading for over $600 at press time after spending several weeks locked in $400 and even $300 territory.

Other serious cryptocurrencies from Ripple to Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are all doing well, and experiencing bullish trends.

Litecoin has seemingly experienced the highest levels of resistance over the last week, exhibiting few changes in its price when compared to competitors like Bitcoin Cash and XRP. At press time, BCH is trading for over $1,200, while XRP has broken the $0.50 barricade and spiked to $0.86.

Litecoin, on the other hand, while still in the green, currently sits at $146. This is a $3 drop from yesterday's $149, and only a few dollars higher than where it stood at the beginning of the week.

EOS is also trading for over $11 - a price it wasn't expected to reach until the year's end.