IOHK to focus on educating the world on Cardano in 2020

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IOHK, the company behind the Cardano blockchain, has announced that it will begin prioritizing education this year.

The company laid out an extensive plan for 2020 that will see more education materials, lectures, and courses published in order to bridge the gap between the company's academic papers and mainstream understanding of Cardano.

Projects in the crypto industry, the company has struggled with both communication and adoption.

As part of the company's overall strategy, IOHK has already started working on improving transparency.

To speed up the process, the company has now announced.

The company said it will develop "a variety of learning and training assets" which will be aimed both at the Cardano community and Cardano developers.

A part of the educational efforts will also be aimed at enterprises, IOHK said, adding that it was important to inform decision-makers about the problems that can be solved by Cardano.

IOHK's efforts to educate users on its programming languages have turned out to be very popular-the company said that over 5,000 users have signed up for their free Udemy courses on Plutus and Marlowe.

Online courses aren't the only thing the company will be focusing on-IOHK said.

To facilitate a more productive environment within the company, IOHK began working on creating a new learning portal for its internal teams.