McAfee on BTC, Exile & the US: 'No Way the Current System Can Survive'

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Are you getting a sense of cryptocurrency use there or people's relationship to crypto or blockchain.

People all band together to figure out how they can live.

The people who operate illegally with the U.S. government in the Bahamas were the head of the police force and the head of the armed forces in the Bahamas.

The CIA is as fragmented as any other element of our government, there are decent people and there are crooks.

Within a day of my disappearance or untimely death, there will be every newspaper in the world pouring through more documents than they could have 100 people pour through in 100 years.

The first thing I do is I say, "Are you real? Are you people real?" and have the people checked out.

It's a very trivial thing: Have you ever been in jail? Have you ever run out on another company and left people hanging? It's simple.

OC: What needs to happen for people to use cryptocurrency on a mass scale?

In five years, I think the majority of people will be using crypto for the majority of their purchases.

It's so superior to our current system that there is no way the current system can survive.