Money Spinners: Robocoin Goes Global, Altcoins Join the Fun

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Apr 25, 2014 at 15:40 UTCUpdated Mar 16, 2015 at 13:34 UTC. Take out your smartphones and get those palms warmed up for a scanning, because it's time for CoinDesk's weekly bitcoin ATM roundup.

Canadian companies Bitcoiniacs and, who together launched the world's first Robocoin bitcoin ATM in Vancouver last year, announced they would be expanding their venture globally and have partnered with several bitcoin groups around the world.

The machine is actually London's third electronic bitcoin dispenser, joining another Robocoin and a Lamassu machine.

Another of the joint venture's Robocoin machines was installed in Bucharest, Romania, on 18th April in collaboration with local group Bitcoin Romania.

Texas, USA. Entrepreneur Sheldon Weisfeld is also taking a Robocoin on tour for his company Coinvault, driving around Texas with the machine in a trailer.

Coinvault has already installed two Robocoin machines in Texas, one at the Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, and Brave New Books bookstore near UT Austin.

Company Coinnect is debuting a two-way Genesis1 machine it calls a 'Bitcoin Exchange Kiosk' at its training room at 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong on 25th April.

The machine, which also trades in litecoin and dogecoin, is part of Logicoins' 'Resort Project' that aims to put bitcoin ATMs in locations where people are also likely to spend digital currencies: namely, vacation destinations.

At the Bitcoin Conference Russia on 23rd April, local company CoinSpot demonstrated a Lamassu one-way kiosk to participants.

Not only does London have three functioning bitcoin kiosks, it seems even the altcoins are joining in the fun with this feathercoin vending machine.