'Netflix for Professional Growth': Platform Helps Users Learn by Watching Videos

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A blockchain project called Education Ecosystem is developing a decentralized online learning platform called LiveEdu, where people can learn how to build complete products in categories like programming, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and other technology fields.

Describing itself as "Netflix for professional development", the company says it is different to other online learning platforms as they are focused on intermediate to advanced level learners seeking to improve their career skills and not beginners just starting out.

Education Ecosystem has announced an ambitious goal - to disrupt the professional training industry.

The users can watch videos with live-classes and also interact with the project creator during a live-stream.

Education Ecosystem decided to make a dedicated place where both sides - the developer and other users - could meet.

"We believe learning from real projects is a practical and efficient way for professionals and students to improve their skills and make more money in their career," Education Ecosystem CEO and Founder Dr. Michael J. Garbade says.

Currently, LEDU coins are available on Exrates, BitForex, Livecoin, Mercatox, and IDEX. "LEDU tokens are used as payment for all financial transactions in the internal ecosystem, as well as rewards for project creators, learners, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers," the company says.

Education Ecosystem concluded a token sale in February 2018.

Education Ecosystem says that LiveEdu was used by more than one million people in almost 200 countries since the launch of the platform.

Education Ecosystem plans to expand their external ecosystem in 2019 to include businesses, colleges, and universities as well as other online education platforms.