Privacy, Freedom, and Technology: McAfee to Eliminate Corruption and Deliver Free Medical Care if Elected US President

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Technology pioneer John McAfee recently announced the end of his involvement with initial coin offerings but far from done with the world of distributed ledger technology.

After revealing his intention to run for 2020 US president, McAfee declared he plans to cease corruption, introduce blockchain-based polling, and implement universal medical care upon his election.

McAfee recently declared war on the US Securities and Exchange Commission, challenging SEC chairman Jay Clayton to a live debate on national television and vehemently stated he will " will fight with every last breath" to ensure the SEC overreach will "Not stand" in light of Clayton's stance on ICOs.

The establishment of McAfee's political party, the Cyber Party, will see McAfee run for the office in the 2020 US presidential election.

The future political architecture of the United States - if the McAfee revolution succeeds - will be built upon the foundation of blockchain technology.

The healthcare industry is a key target of the McAfee presidential campaign, with McAfee openly chides Obamacare and the current government's solutions in the US:. "Look at the massive amounts of money time and effort that was put into Obamacare, and then the same amount of effort put into unwinding it. And yet, with the blockchain - with Docademic - we have free medical care for everybody."

John McAfee has recently stated that, if elected to the office of US President, he'll integrate Docademic as his healthcare platform.

"Definitely. We are working hard to expand to all parts of the world and although this is a big task we're on track to do it. By leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence that help us serve masses in the millions we can now confidently say that we could serve the US population and are honored to have Mr. McAfee consider us as a solution to some of the US's most pressing healthcare problems."

"We're excited to have John McAfee join our platform during his 2020 US Presidential campaign. He understands the true value of ClearPoll and sees the benefit to hosting opinion polls on the blockchain."

This isn't the first time McAfee has been targeted by would-be assassins - his Belizian jungle compound was stormed, states McAfee, in May 2012 by 42 paramilitary soldiers, launching war between McAfee and the Belizian government that culminated in the death of his neighbor in October 2012 during a botched assassination attempt.