Quark's Shaq-cess, Blackcoin's PR Pivot and Dogecoin's Victory Lap

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'Dogecar' driver talks community strength.

The blackcoin community has hired a public relations firm to help it brand the altcoin and expand its potential market share.

According to a draft marketing plan, the campaign will focus on targeting mainstream media sources, leveraging social media and promoting the coin as an investment opportunity.

According to blackcoin community leader Soepkip, the funding was raised over a 72-hour period.

The marketing effort will focus on how blackcoin and other altcoins represent a new era of digital currencies, and make note of its eco-friendly status and potential attraction to stock market participants.

A new video game featuring the likeness of NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal will include quark as a payment option.

A special in-game item will be included that can only be obtained by using quark.

The quark community helped raise funds for the project, which included several social media-fueled "Thunderclap" campaigns, according to Vic McPherson, chief editor for Quark Press and member of the Quark Foundation.

The partnership between the quark community and Big Deez Productions, along with Shaq, is expected to continue with expanded social media campaigns ahead of the game's launch.

A new coin is leveraging its own block chain to make the coin harder to operate.