Secrets They Missed at DevCon: What It's Really Like in a Working DAO

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The mission of the Decred DAO is to enable direct sovereignty over the protocol, which is built to be a sustainable and long-term store of value.

Based on my experience, I'd like to share four lessons in DAO de-leadership, which correspond with the four aspects required to realize the purpose of a successful DAO: 1) humble leadership that writes itself out as the project grows; 2) funding free from special interests; 3) active development; and 4) strong community participation in decision-making.

Without the relinquishment of power, the DAO remains centralized and there is no certainty it persists beyond the life of the founder.

These projects define the long-term direction of both the DAO and the broader ecosystem they wish to build.

Lesson #3 - Be adaptable: Keep development moving A successful DAO is like a smooth-running machine, but will still hit some bumps.

The technical commitment required to build a successful DAO is monumental.

Members of a DAO must have real efficacy, not just the ability to comment on decisions, or worse - having no platform to engage at all.

The more participation in decision-making or voting, the fairer the outcome and the healthier the DAO will be.

Direct voting means individuals have hard sovereignty and must live with the consequences of their decisions, while delegated systems mean DAO members aren't truly vested.

Incentives matter: Motivating the massesIn the end, creating a DAO means pioneering uncharted territory.