StartCOIN's Crowdfunding Twist, World Cup Fever and Vertcoin

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Any superstitious altcoin enthusiasts out there? Today marks the coincidence of both Friday the 13th and the full moon, an appropriate way to end yet another week in the digital currency world.

Worldcupcoin is an X11 proof-of-work coin that seeks primarily to promote the games and serve as a vehicle for holders to gamble on the matches throughout the World Cup.

Long-term, the altcoin's backers hope to promote sports programs worldwide, but questions remain regarding how the project would weather possible trademark violations arising from its name.

Established altcoin communities are getting in on the action.

Some coin projects have been pitched as crowdfunding vehicles for charities.

StartCOIN is a new project backed by financial journalist and maxcoin founder Max Keiser and equity crowdfunding firm that is looking to shake up the digital currency crowdfunding landscape.

The initiative pairs an altcoin with StartJOIN, a platform that aims to create a fun, inclusive environment for digital currency enthusiasts who want to support worthy causes.

"I see a coin for crowdfunding like quantitative easing for the people, by the people and without the central banks. People are creating money, money is used for investing in businesses and pushing forward projects, and there is no debt involved."

On 10th June, the vertcoin team announced on the altcoin's official subreddit that the project had reached the alpha stage, with an estimated month-long testing phase to commence before a private-invite beta was launched.

The altcoin world is no stranger to meme-themed coins.