The BCH Question: How to Recover After $30M Hack and Mining Tax Row?

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For many, the sole cryptocurrency that is worthy of such staunch support is Bitcoin.

What truly is Bitcoin, what is its purpose, and how can it be fully optimized?

The division among those trying to answer these questions led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin's most successful offshoot.

Although Bitcoin is the biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, it still struggles with the same scalability issues.

A cursory glance through Crypto Twitter reveals that vehement disagreement between the two Bitcoin camps still runs rife.

"Here's someone who's worth at least $45 million, and he's choosing to keep the majority of that in Bitcoin Cash, not what everybody is calling Bitcoin today. So, that's a really, really bullish sign for Bitcoin Cash - that somebody with that much money is keeping it in Bitcoin Cash and not the same amount in Bitcoin, BTC. That's a really, really big deal."

"The fact of the matter is there really isn't anything anybody can do unless the hacker is dumb enough to deposit the coins directly to an exchange without sending them through any sort of, you know, fungibility tool of any sort. Something like, you know, CoinShuffle or CashFusion on Bitcoin Cash. There's a lot of cool tools on Bitcoin Cash to enable that. In this instance, it's a little bit sad that those tools will be used to help a hacker."

Wan, a firm Bitcoin maximalist, also appeared to hint that the hack could have dire consequences for BCH, writing that only a "Double-spent can help this poor guy now." Wan also tweeted that the hack, along with an unspecified dispute between Ver and Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, could cause a "Slow death" for the cryptocurrency.

"A ago Roger announced a huge BCash fund. I knew there was a catch. Today, Roger put a 12.5% tax on BCH! Roger has become everything & worse than what he accused Blockstream of during 2016/2017. Tax, Checkpoints, EDA, Centralized, 51% attacked. BCash is NOT Bitcoin."

"A permanent proposal would be in effect a carte blanche on development and would incentivise 'development for development's sake,' which would defeat the purpose of the fundraising to create fast, reliable, digital cash upon a stable, largely unchanging, economically rational Bitcoin protocol."