The role of cash in global crypto markets

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The reality on the ground is that digital services are not replacing cash, but instead, cash is a necessity for digital services to take off in the first place.

On mobile money platforms in Kenya found that easy cash in, cash out options were vital for adoption with similar findings in other reports.

Mobile money platforms in Zimbabwe have reported that consumers often pay premiums of up to 50 percent to get cash from mobile money agents, and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently reported.

The only thing people need is an easy way to move between digital and cash - this is a condition for adoption and crypto is no exception.

For crypto to make it on the big stage, it needs a better connection to cash.

The only thing we need are the tools to make buying and selling stablecoins with cash easier for everyone.

The world of cash to crypto trading is yoursCash Points are user-generated locations connected to Bitspark where people can exchange cash to crypto and vice versa.

Cash Points are a place where people buy or sell stablecoins using cash.

In 2014, Bitspark was the first to send a cash in, cash out Bitcoin transfer between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Bitspark has pushed crypto usage forward by building market ready, cash to crypto products and services that make it easier to buy, exchange and sell crypto with cash.