Uphold's New Debit Card Lets You Pay With Bitcoin, XRP and Gold

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Digital payment platform Uphold has released a new debit card, allowing users to pay with converted crypto, commodities and cash.

Uphold's new multi-asset debit card allows United States-based participants to spend assets held in their Uphold accounts at any Mastercard compatible location, a representative from Uphold told Cointelegraph in an interview.

United States-based customers can now pre-order the card, which touts compatibility for 24 crypto assets, 27 fiat currencies, and four metals including Bitcoin, Basic Attention Token, Ripple's XRP, gold, and U.S. dollars.

Uphold is a digital asset platform on which users can buy, sell, spend and hold digital assets, fiat currencies and commodities.

Uphold is the first to combine asset worlds in debit form.

Uphold's multi-asset debit card is the first of its kind that allows users to convert different commodities, crypto-assets and fiat currencies to spendable cash at the point of sale.

"If you toggle within the app that the debit card is connected to, you are able to spend, instantly, BAT, gold, palladium, silver USD - anything, anywhere, any time - in real time," an Uphold representative said.

Uphold also touts no foreign exchange fees in the process.

Although digital asset usage within such a system seems logical, one may wonder how they might go about holding and spending gold, a non-digital and somewhat clunky asset.

"We do have a partner where our users who have gold can actually order physical gold, delivered to their house," the representative explained.