'WordPress of Blockchain' Startup Seeks to Solve Enterprise Pain Points

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Building enterprise blockchains can be a pain in the neck.

The executives of Elemential know that headache well, and as such, are using their company to simplify the process of building enterprise blockchains.

To do this Elemential, which is based in Mumbai, India, seeks to remove the pain of "Blockchain administration" - which translates into the many hours every week that developers must spend on things like node deployment and configuration and maintenance activities, such as ensuring run-time and language dependencies.

These are all things the firm's executives, CEO Raunaq Vaisoha and chief technology officer Anil Dukkipatty, dealt with during their first three years working with blockchain, first using "Colored coins" and later with enterprise solutions like Hyperledger and Tendermint.

"As developers trying to build business value on top of blockchain, we had to spend way too much of our time actually worrying about the risk and actually automating stuff at the protocol levels."

Currently, Elemential is working with the National Stock Exchange of India on a know-your-customer compliance scheme that's built on a private blockchain.

For one, the company would like to create a solution that works across private blockchains so that one organization using Hyperledger Fabric could connect to another organization running Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Elemential is interested in even expanding its work to public blockchains.

Ironically, since public blockchains are typically seen as less manageable than private ones Vaisoha said public blockchains are easier to develop administration for since their networks are completely open, allowing anyone to glean configuration data.

The main goal, Dukkipatty said, is to make managing a blockchain network a risk-free and seamless one-click experience.