Advanced Algorithms, Maxcoin Reborn and a Second Lap for Dogecoin

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UPDATE: Josh Wise has won the online NASCAR vote thanks to the dogecoin community's efforts.

There may be renewed development taking place in the maxcoin community, according to a post on the Bitcoin Talk forum by one of the altcoin's core developers, Luke Mitchell.

"The coin is still under development and is not going away any time soon. The MaxCoin community is growing and, despite the negative press it receives - of which much, I believe, is from people who hoped to"get rich quick", as goombaloon so succinctly mentions - we are working with developers on a number of MaxCoin related projects.

NASCAR driver Josh Wise, beloved sports icon of the dogecoin community, may be getting a second chance behind the wheel of the crowdfunded Dogecar.

Since the contest was announced, the dogecoin community has undertaken a get-out-the-vote campaign ranging from Twitter posts, reddit bulletins and, as always, elaborately conceived YouTube videos.

According to a member of the dogecoin community on reddit claiming to have a connection inside NASCAR, Wise is currently in second place behind driver Danica Patrick.

The rise of X11. In recent months, innovations have come out of the altcoin community that have pushed new mining approaches and algorithms into the fore.

From Scrypt-N to Groestl, more advanced systems for veryifing transactions within the coin network are reshaping the altcoin landscape.

The algorithm has been integrated by some elements of the multipool community, with several pools offering X11 as a mining option.

The altcoin development community is at it again with thesmurfscoin, a proof-of-stake coin that relies on the loveable Smurf characters of 1980s cartoon fame.