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Samoa's Central Bank Investigates OneCoin Investment Scheme
Samoa's central bank has launched an investigation into the OneCoin cryptocurrency investment scheme.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO, EOS: Price Analysis, April 09
26, after failing to break out of the resistance line of the descending channel.
Overstock's tZero Unveils Token Trading Platform Prototype
The blockchain subsidiary of e-commerce giant Overstock has revealed the prototype for its soon-to-be-launched token trading platform.
How Anonymous Is the Purchase of Crypto? Regulations, Practice, Risks
In a worldwide environment where privacy is constantly under threat, purchase of cryptocurrencies is not an exception.
A Decentralized Exchange Platform for Digital Assets
Designed to aid both marketplaces and customers in the realm of in-game digital asset exchange, WAX is taking on a huge industry - however, the token has a head start.
Salesforce Working on Blockchain Product, Says CEO Benioff
Salesforce is working on a product based on blockchain technology, the cloud computing company's CEO has revealed.
Proxeus, IBM Register A Business On Blockchain In 'Record Setting' Time
Blockchain workflow engine and generator Proxeus and technology company IBM Switzerland have shown how to register a Swiss startup entirely on Blockchain in a "Fraction" of the time traditionally required as part of their entry in the digitalSwitzerland challenge, Proxeus told Cointelegraph.
Relief Rally Ahead? Oversold Ether Eyes Gains Against Bitcoin
Things may be looking up for Ethereum's native token, ether.
Chinese Blockchain Industrial Park Opens With $1.6 Bln Partially Govn't-Backed Fund
A 10 bln yuan Blockchain innovation fund was announced today, April 9, during the opening of the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park in China, local news outlet Lie Yunwang reports.
Blockchain Startup Symbiont Teams with Wall Street Legend Ranieri
The company founded by the "Father" of the mortgage-backed securities market has partnered with blockchain startup Symbiont with the aim of shaking up the mortgage industry.
ICO Watch: LinkedIn Co-Founder Creating Hub Token, a New Blockchain Startup
Hub is a project engaging in the brave task of facilitating trust across the internet.
Lightning Labs CEO Challenges Blockchain Over Bitcoin Narrative
CEO of Lightning Labs, the developer of the Lightning Blockchain scalability protocol, Elizabeth Stark has spoken out to challenge the Wall Street and traditional financial sector narrative that puts its faith in Blockchain, not Bitcoin, to deliver on the radical promises of the crypto phenomenon, Yahoo Finance reported April 5.
Dear Students, Everything In Bitcoin's Way Is Your $1 Billion Opportunity
Taken in total, the conference in West Philadelphia felt mainly like a day of recruiting pitches by crypto luminaries.
How Blockchain Can Help You Earn On Your Data, Explained
2.This depends on their data use and privacy policies.
$1 Billion Blockchain Fund Launches with Chinese Government Backing
A new Chinese blockchain fund has $1.6 billion available to invest in innovative startups - 30 percent of which is backed by a city government.
Fujitsu Central Europe Head Rolf Werner Joins IOTA Foundation
Blockchain non-profit organization the IOTA Foundation continued its high-profile hiring moves April 9 with the appointment of Dr. Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe at Fujitsu.
Cloud Computing Giant Salesforce Plans Blockchain Integration By End Of 2018
Parker Harris, the co-founder of cloud software giant Salesforce, confirmed that the company is hoping to unveil Blockchain and cryptocurrency support by September 2018, in an interview at the TrailheaDX conference April 5.
Normal Tax Rules Apply to Crypto Income, Says South Africa
South Africans can declare cryptocurrency-related taxable income under standard rules, the country's tax agency has said.
Crypto Markets Continue Fluctuating: Bitcoin Dips Below $7,000, Ethereum Trades Around $400
April 9: crypto markets continue fluctuating after a slight uptick yesterday, with almost all of the top ten coins listed on Coinmarketcap in the red.
Singapore Looks To Foster Blockchain Throughout Southeast Asia
The Singapore government wants to take an active role in promoting Blockchain in Southeast Asia, according to new remarks on Friday, April 6.
UK Financial Regulator To Release Crypto Review This Year With BoE And Treasury
The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority will be publishing a review of cryptocurrencies this year in conjunction with the Treasury of the UK and the Bank of England, according to the FCA's business plan for 2018/2019.
Singapore Plans Blockchain Push to Boost Financial Inclusion
The Singapore government is looking to boost blockchain development in an effort to improve financial inclusion for Southeast Asian countries.
Bitfinex Denies Fraud Allegations Tied To Confiscated Funds In Poland
On April 7, Cointelegraph reported on a controversy surrounding Bitfinex, after Polish prosecutors reportedly seized €400 mln from two accounts at a little-known Polish bank, one of which was allegedly linked to Bitfinex.
Bitcoin Drops Back Below $7000 As Institutional Money Continues to Flow In
In the past week news broke that a George Soros backed investment fund was getting into cryptocurrency trading, even though earlier this year, Soros himself had called the digital currency market "Nothing but a mere bubble".
Bitcoin Teases Bull Reversal with Rise Above $7K
Bitcoin found acceptance above the $7,000 mark over the weekend, boosting the odds of a double-bottom bullish reversal, the technical charts indicate.
South Korea: Bank Servicing Coinone And Bithumb Among 3 In Line For Inspection
South Korean regulator the Financial Services Commission said it would inspect three domestic banks servicing cryptocurrency exchanges to check compliance April 9.
6 Myths About Bitcoin And How To Bust Them: Expert Take
Given all the negative press that Bitcoin has to fight against, the arguments in favor of Bitcoin may sometimes be lost in all the noise.
Twitter Says Bye-Bye to @Bitcoin
The account has long been renown for its pro-Bitcoin Cash stance, being blasted by Bitcoin advocates on numerous occasions for defaming its more popular predecessor.
Is Serenity The Solution To Ethereum's Difficulty Bomb?
Ethereum has four milestone phases in its development post-release; Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, and Serenity.
Gov't-Issued Digital Currencies Threaten Financial Stability, Says Swiss Central Banker
According to Swiss National Bank governing board member Andréa Maechler, private cryptocurrencies have advantages over central bank digital currencies, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported Sunday, April 8.The SNB board member told an audience in Zurich that private-sector digital currencies are better and less risky than nationally-issued versions.