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WATCH: Investor Nisa Amoils Expects Libra to Reduce Regulatory Risk
Like so many other crypto thinkers, venture capitalist Nisa Amoils feels Facebook's Libra is a 100-ton payments elephant in the middle of the crypto space.
Facebook Libra Risks to Financial Stability Demand 'Highest' Regulatory Standards, Says G7
The G7 group of nations has warned that cryptocurrencies such as Facebook's Libra are a threat to global financial stability.
WATCH: Lukka CEO Believes in a Future Full of Corporate Tokens
Jake Benson is a long-time industry entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of Lukka, a comprehensive tool for calculating capital gains taxes for cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin Price Jumps $1K In 30 Minutes to Top $10,000 Again
Bitcoin surged $1,000 in just 30 minutes during U.S. trading hours Thursday, a move that found the leading cryptocurrency rising from $9,335 to a high of $10,400, based on Bitstamp data.
China Leads the World in Google Searches for Facebook's Libra
China is the global leader when it comes to searching for "Facebook Libra" on Google one month after the release of Libra's white paper.
Gang of Masked Men Raid Bitcoin Embassy in Birmingham
A gang of masked men have raided a Bitcoin embassy in the English city of Birmingham, sparking a police investigation.
Libra Will Upset World Economy if It Isn't Regulated Tightly, G7 Warns
Cryptocurrencies such as Libra risk upsetting the world's financial system if they are not regulated tightly, G7 finance ministers have warned.
BTC Price Reclaims $10K After US Lawmaker Says Bitcoin Can't Be Killed
Bitcoin has retaken $10,000 today following a moderately volatile month, according to data provided by Coin360.
NEO and Ontology enter partnership to work on next-gen internet
China's leading public blockchain projects, NEO and Ontology, will be working together on establishing the foundation for next-gen internet.
For $15K, He'll Fake Your Exchange Volume
"These operators usually go around claiming that they can do market-making for token projects and inflate trading volume for a fee. This practice is also known as wash trading and is illegal," Ong said.
Japan Has FATF Green Light to Create 'SWIFT Network' for Crypto: Report
Japan is said to be leading the creation of an international cryptocurrency payments network similar to banking network SWIFT. A report from Reuters on Thursday cites a source familiar with the effort as saying that the network is aimed to combat money laundering and was approved last month by the Financial Action Task Force.
Web Search Data Indicates Soaring Interest for Facebook Libra in China
With Facebook's recently unveiled Libra cryptocurrency high in the news agenda across the world in recent weeks, China has emerged as a perhaps surprising leader when it comes to public interest in the project.
Bitcoin Bounce Capped by $10K Price Resistance
Moving average studies and key indicators like the relative strength and the Chaikin money flow indices on the daily chart continue to call a bearish move.
LibertyX Surpasses 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs Across the U.S.
LibertyX, the company that launched the first U.S. bitcoin ATM, will expand into 90 retail locations in Arizona and Nevada, according to a statement made Wednesday.
Sanctions-Hit Iran A 'Heaven' for Bitcoin Mining, Says Gov't Official
Iranian authorities are wrestling with the rising number of citizens turning to Bitcoin mining and use as a means of coping with a sanctions-crippled economy.
Bitcoin Price Bounces Back Near $10K But Analysts Aren't Convinced
Bitcoin was challenging the $10,000 barrier again on July 18 after a modest uptick broke up several days of losses.
NEO and Ontology Partnership Eyes Global Cross-Chain Blockchain Platform
Chinese blockchain platforms Ontology and NEO are partnering to create an interoperable protocol in a bid to spur development of the next-generation internet.
Bitcoin Miners Will 'Defend' Price Above $6,500 Ahead of Halving: Analyst
Bitcoin miners want to coordinate the market in order to maximize revenue as the 2020 block reward halving nears.
Ex-Microsoft Employee Arrested for $10 Million Crypto Theft
A former employee at Microsoft has been arrested for a scheme to steal $10 million in cryptocurrency, the Associated Press reported on July 17.Insider Schemes.
Social Innovations and Secret Conversations
What are some of the ways that transaction signatures have been used for conversing, for better or for worse? Let's start first with a description of how a conversation actually works using blockchain technology.
Bitcoin's 'Bubble' Cycle More Bullish Than Amazon's Dot-Com Era Days
Bitcoin recovered more swiftly from its bear cycles than Amazon did during the boom and bust of the dot com era, data from crypto analytics firm Messari reveals.
Top-5 Crypto Tokens Pronounced 'Dead'
Bitcoin still dominates the portfolios of most crypto investors and is by far the most popular cryptocurrency, meaning its price is less prone to drops than the rest of the market.
Former Ripple employee speaks out, XRP price doesn't reflect xRapid use
Ripple and its associated cryptocurrency XRP are often conflated.
Coder Proposes Alternative to Bitcoin's 'Notoriously Unreliable' Testnet
Introduced Wednesday, a new proposal called Signet offers a fresh alternative to bitcoin's test network.
WATCH: Former ConsenSys Fintech Lead Says Facebook Will Rule Crypto Payments
Juan Llanos still saw some outsiders who could have taken on the payments and remittance markets.
G7 Approves Japan's Cryptocurrency-Based SWIFT Alternative
The Japanese government is attempting to spearhead the creation of a new, global cryptocurrency payments network that would be similar to SWIFT.Replace SWIFT with a global crypto payments network?
Research: Blockchain-Not-Bitcoin Investments Seeing 60% Drop in 2019
Blockchain investment could drop by as much as 60% this year as attention continues to focus on Bitcoin, new data suggests.
Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes Corporate-Controlled Money in House's Libra Hearing
New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addressed the control of Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency in today's United States House Committee on Financial Services hearing.
Coinbase Announces Three Data-Based Trading Signals for Users
American cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase announced that it has released aggregated data in the form of three trading signals to its customers.
Zuckbucks" encounters resistance due to Facebook's damaged reputation, Libra may precipitate unfavorable legislation
Facebook's Calibra CEO David Marcus took another beating, this time from members of the House, with one lawmaker even scorning the proposed Libra cryptocurrency as "Zuckbucks."